World Cancer Day 2018: Mesothelioma Panel Discussion (Highlights)

Now over 8 million people over the globe die of cancer every year And February the 4th is set aside each year as World Cancer Day, and it's an opportunity to raise awareness about cancer to raise awareness and educate people hopefully to effect change and also hopefully to save lives

We're going to be looking at a rare and difficult to treat cancer, which is called mesothelioma, and the most common area affected in the body is the lining of the lungs and chest wall and it's often associated with exposure to asbestos So let me start with you Thomas Can you give us an overview of this disease and its diagnosis and available treatments – It's as you already mentioned very closely linked to exposure with asbestos and it's very hard to treat and hard to diagnose, because there's a long latency, and between exposure time and the occurrence of this disease -Are we in any way reaching a peak now? Because in many countries asbestos has been banned or are we at a peak now where we can actually start seeing cases falling or not? -Well, I think we can say we're at that point now for high-income countries

We've seen about 50 countries ban mining of asbestos or export or import of asbestos What we haven't seen, is a global ban -I think this disease is very much associated with working in industry, so people who worked in construction, people who worked in power stations, shipyards, that type of thing And that certainly is the majority of patients that we still see However, I think such is the use of asbestos, that is, you know in the fabric of many buildings, and unfortunately very low levels can lead to mesothelioma

So we do see people from quite unusual backgrounds, so, secretaries, teachers, doctors, hairdressers, nurses, anybody who might have come into contact with it -As difficult as it is to diagnose, it's similarly difficult to treat, so you should be aware of this potential, however, go to a specialized center like a Comprehensive Cancer Center or a Mesothelioma Team that performs the diagnosis and has the opportunity to discuss your personal individual treatment options in an interdisciplinary multi-professional team -But of course we know it's a bit like the sword of Damocles and whilst we have got, you know, really exciting times with the range of clinical trials and treatments potentially on the horizon, we still don't have an effective cure for this disease and so patients are facing their own mortality and that sets the tone -The World Health Organization has created a chemicals roadmap By 2030, they've tried to let governments around the world know, that they need to manage chemicals and prioritize health

And asbestos is one of those top ten chemicals in that roadmap -Panel, thank you very much indeed And remember, February the 4th, World Cancer Day Thank you and goodbye

Source: Youtube

World Cancer Day 2018: Mesothelioma Panel Discussion (Highlights)

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