Why Hasn’t My Case Settled Already? – California Injury Attorney Frank Nunes explains

Your lawsuit has been going on for what seems like a long time now And you're wondering: Why doesn't my case settle already? Hi

I'm Frank Nunes, a California personal injury trial attorney practicing in the state of California Join me as we answer that question Well as you may or may not know in personal injury cases, what the parties are looking for is finality of settlement, finality of result If there's going to be a settlement, it needs to be a settlement once and for all The parties come to the table if they agree upon an amount to settle the case for, one set amount is paid, a release of claim signed by the harmed party, the case is settled, final, and the two parties go their separate ways never to meet again

In the insurance company's mind, the claim is now closed What if a new claim comes up? And somebody says "Oh Was that related to your prior motor vehicle collision?" Well, it's too late It's so sorry Charlie because in the release in California, they will have you waive all claims known to you and those which are unknown to you arising from the careless person's conduct So that's why it's so important to get all the harms, all the losses, everything you've suffered as a result of a careless person's actions or inactions in your case brought to the table so they can be evaluated, included in the settlement, and resolved once and for all

These cases settle and nobody wants to reopen them, especially the insurance company They want a final result So that's why you have to be patient and get all of the information that's necessary to document your claim at the time the case is settled Well, that's it for today's video on why your case hasn't settled already By the way, if you've found this information helpful, subscribe to our YouTube channel

Why? So you can continue to get great new content every time we post another great educational video And if you have questions, I want you to pick up the phone and call me I can answer your questions I answer questions like this all the time You can reach me at 559-436-0850

I'm Frank Nunes, and thanks for watching

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Why Hasn’t My Case Settled Already? – California Injury Attorney Frank Nunes explains

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