???? Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Review: Why its My Favorite Credit Card ???? | Daily Video 2

What's up guys, and today's video i want to talk about, what is my favorite travel rewards card Super easy answer here it is the chase fi reserve, by far my favorite fantastic premium reward card that Really, only comes out to be a hundred and fifty dollars a Year so the chase fi reserve does have does have a 450 annual fee per year but they Give you, a three hundred dollar annual travel credit that's good for anything, like, airbnb hotels car, rentals any of that stuff You just spend it on a card and they automatically deduct it off within like a day or two super easy You, don't have to do anything and after that your annual fee is more like a hundred and fifty Which is totally worth it for this card it gives you premium benefits Like priority, pass lounge access which once you've got a taste of the good life, you're not gonna, want to go back trust me and through, the priority, pass through Chase they let you bring in one guest that i've heard of as many as four to six so they seem to be very Generous with, chase cards and trust, me it does vary on which card you have Also, the tsa precheck, is free every, five, years with this card another nice benefit if that sells something You, have that will save you, like eighty nine dollars Of course the fifty thousand point signup bonus i know You, guys, probably, want are waiting for the hundred thousand point signup bonus to come, back trust, me it's not coming Back if you're, waiting for that go ahead and apply to this car there is no reason away, because they are Not gonna, bring this back and if they do it's gonna be a very long time So, yeah, fifty thousand points i know, bonus after or four thousand spent in the first 90 days and There are some other really cool, benefits, like, you get one point five cents inside the chase ultimate reward system so Normally i try to transfer, my points to some of the transfer partners united being, my favorite for sure Transfer to hotels or airlines and you get a lot more benefit Your points go further but sometimes you find a really good cash price on a flight and it's actually cheaper on points To, use it inside the ultimate reward system and when you use it inside the ultimate reward System there are no fees and it comes out to be totally free so sometimes that makes sense and it's a really cool, option And with the chase, sapphire preferred You get 1

25 Reserve it's 15 So that's an extra 25 percent further that your points will go so super cool also other benefits that are really nice like you get a really good insurance for when you run a car, and Like a product product protection so when you buy something like, a tv or you know something really expensive on the card Chase has got your, back if something goes wrong with this and you're having an, issue with the manufacturer you Want to get your money back or you just, want to get another one they're really good About just sending you a brand, new, whatever the tv or whatever it is that you buy and? Is you know a really nice feature so Like i said this is my favorite card inside my favorite reward system chase ultimate rewards are awesome and Yeah, i definitely recommend getting this card if you, don't have it already so if you, do have the chase, sapphire preferred They, do not let you have preferred and reserve now Which is really unfortunate but here's a quick workaround for that so if you currently have the preserve and you Want to get the reserve What you can do is you call up chase and tell them that you want to downgrade your Preserve down to one of the freedom cards and then from there you should be able to apply to the reserve now i would definitely Ask, if that would work when you're on the phone would chase their supports really good And they'll apply be honest with you thought it work or not but that should be a Good workaround if you're looking to get the reserve card and you've already? Had the preserve, and use all the benefits and you want something a little bit more premium So um i hope that was helpful for you guys and if you are not already Subscribed and interested in learning more about travel hacking and digital nomad life go ahead and hit that subscribe button, and I will talk to you, guys, soon thanks you

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