12-Year-Old Epilepsy Girl Sues Attorney Jeff Sessions to Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Unfortunately, I have to start with this Youtube has financially sabotaged videos of the past 5 days, and 300 other video financially Join my club and read the darkest secrets with valid proofs about Google/Youtube This way you support me and you can keep enjoying my unbiased work and pure information A 12-year-old girl with epilepsy is suing an attorney to legalize marijuana nationwide so she can live a normal life

This is Alexis Bortell, a 12-year-old girl suffering from an extreme form of epilepsy 'together' with her father Dean during the House Committee hearing on March 6, 2017 She's suffering since age 7 from a form of epilepsy that can not be safely controlled with FDA -approved treatments The Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency blocks marijuana for many people with epilepsy Marijuana is categorized with other drugs like heroin by the federal government, Alexis can not use her medication on federal property Therefore, this young brave girl starts a lawsuit against U

S Attorney General Jeff Sessions to put an end to it This girl has moved from Texas to Colorado where marijuana treatment is legal, the girl can live like a normal person “She just wants to be like everybody else," Alexis’ father, Dean Bortell, told NBC News The prescription pills are a failure

She has two options: Undergo a severe and dangerous brain surgery or two drops of marijuana that helps her immediately from epilepsy attacks? The choice is not difficult Certainly, because Alexis has not had an epileptic attack for three years thanks to marijuana Hopefully, the girl can celebrate Christmas at home, in Texas “She didn’t just lose her state, She lost her home,” her father Dean said Many laws are old-fashioned, this story confirms

At the moment everything looks positive Medical marijuana could not only help people with epilepsy but also those with PTSD, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and other ailments Become a member of my club This helps me to continue, access to exclusive uncensored, unbiased and factual journalism, live streams, downloads and so much more and this is far better than Patreon Click the button next to me

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Source: Youtube

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