A Grateful Quicken Loans Gives Back

– Hello – Hi – Hey Cheryl how are you? Hey guys

(happy upbeat instrumental music) – We want to get in front of our clients face-to-face; doesn't happen often when you're an online mortgage company So we wanted to reach out to you guys, number one just to say thank you – I know you shared your story with me, mom to mom; single mom to single mom, and I have to say you truly inspired me We're going to help you pay three months of your mortgage – Are you serious? – [Jacqueline] Yes ma'am

– We're going to be having a gift card sent out to you I do want to let you know it'll be a thousand dollars (gasping) so this way (crying) – They're making a donation to the children's hospital – Aww – In our name – It's the least we could do I mean, we really appreciate you guys You've been great – Not only is Quicken going to do the $500 for the cancer research in your name, but we're going to send you $500 too

– (gasping) You've got me by surprise here and I really appreciate it – But that's not all Tiffany, that's not all You and your family are also getting an awesome trip to Arizona – (laughing) Oh my God – We're going to Arizona? – Yes we are – Woo (laughing) – Well not me

Just you guys – [Woman] Aww (laughing) – That would be awesome – Yeah we really appreciate you guys, and we just want to do something special So you guys enjoy it Have fun

– And that's just another thank you for being such a valued client to us – Oh my This is I let me tell you something, I couldn't have asked for finer birthday gift than any of this My wife will be thrilled to death

– Our children are going to be so happy They've been asking me, "Mommy when can we go on a vacation?" and I'm like, "We'll go one day We'll go one day" (crying) – [Jacqueline] Thank you for being part of the Quicken Loans family – Well, you're welcome

(laughing) – You got me crying (laughter) – It just helps me out so much – I just had no idea, you know, this was going to happen This is just another example of how y'all are willing to help people – Bye happy holidays

– Happy Holidays to all of you guys Thank you Bye (happy upbeat instrumental music)

Source: Youtube

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