A TREE Fell On My House | Will Mold Grow? | Don’t wait on the Insurance Company or the Adjuster

– [Michael] A tree fell on the – [Car Navi] Please proceed to the highlighted route – [Eric] So, what kind of job is that today? – A tree fell – Route is being calculated – A tree fell on the – Please proceed to the highlighted route

– We had some bad thunderstorms over the weekend and a tree fell right in the middle of this house Mercy Response guys came out and got the tree off, but the house has been leaking water and we're going to go out there and measure water behind the walls, and see if there's a potential problem for mold So, that's what we're going to do ♪ [music] ♪ – [Man 3] That post got drove into the ground [inaudible] – Oh, it's more secure here – See what

Yeah Right here is the minor damage, in here It's dripping

She been telling me to, why I covered them that with strips here – See that, 53% Now, what you have to do, is you can't go by the reading You need to choose like a path that wasn't affected So, I'm going to go there and test it, and see what it looks like

Twenty So, it's 33% wetter over there, than it is over here So, see how this is 15%? You see that, went up to 24%? – Mm-hmm – That's because that's a stud This is hollow, so if the water just went straight down, it's not going to have a lot of water

So, this stud is probably wet One hundred percent wet So, this whole area is soaked still, even after 11 days Yeah it hit that header It went this direction

And you know, all this fiberglass is got to come out, you know, I mean – Yeah – You don't want to start cutting into this till you remove

Even if the insulation is dry, it's still been damaged to the point to where it's notThe R value is not the same anymore Anytime fiberglass gets wet, it compresses it and you lose the R value Even if it dries, it still lost its R value, so Okay So, we're leaving the house that had the tree fall on it, and you know, it's been 11 days since this tree hit the roof We mostly saw just water damage Saw a lot of where the water came in through the roof, hit the insulation in the attic It was blown in insulation

That insulation is ruined Any time insulation gets wet, it automatically starts to compress, which ruins the R value and it is absorbed the water and sitting against drywall So, the drywall isn't drying out, even if you put a "dehu" in the room, it's not going to dry out, because it has to pull the moisture through the drywall from the insulation So you've got to remove the insulation, but the roof's got to get fixed If we don't fix that roof, which we don't fix, but when the roofer comes out to fix the roof, that has to be done before anything else can really get started

My concern is, is that there is a mold problem going on because even though the drywall appears to be drier than probably it would have been 11 days ago, it's had time to incubate in-between the sheets of drywall So, if you've got two pieces of drywall, and you've got a cavity in there, it's dark, it was wet, and there's paper, it's just a great place for mold to start growing Anytime you have any storm damage at all, anything, make sure you get the drying process started Don't wait on the adjuster to come out, because, like this whole area got hit pretty bad, so, the adjusters are scrambling They're running all over the place

It was a week before the adjuster could make it to their house, and that house should have already been dried up before the adjuster even got here So, don't wait on the adjuster So, since we didn't get anything done, or accomplished as far as drying out or anything, tomorrow we're going to come back and start to do moisture readings on all of the house The vinyl has to be pulled out, but we have to justify to the Insurance company what needs to be done So, that means I've got to take pictures, moisture readings, humidity readings, so that it justifies to them the work that we're supposed to be doing

Hopefully, they'll let us do some mold testing, but normally, insurance companies don't allow that But we'll just have to wait and see what they give us the authority to do I think after all is said and done, this family is going to be all right But the thing is, Insurance companies don't pay for everything that needs to be done, so there maybe some out-of-pocket expenses, we'll just have to let them battle that out with their insurance company So we'll keep you posted

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