Ace Attorney : The Shield of Justice Episode 2 (Turnabout Revival Finale)

You're getting too close to the enemy It's starting to become a

liability Sorry, but I don't take kindly to excuses B-Brookie? A-Are you okay? I thought I heard AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Apollo, get in here! We have a case! How are you holding up? I suppose I'm doing all right Spare the whole "being tried for murder" thing Check it out Looks like some cheap golden coin or something I want you guys off my crime scene, pronto! It's been a while, hasn't it, Wright? Edgeworth? I take it you're prosecuting today? That I am, Wright

It's been a while since I've taken a case I just got back from an overseas business exchange, and I'm eager to tax my brain a bit I heard the defendant of today's case was Miss Feythus, I knew you would step in to defend her Well, then I guess it'll be just like old times? I suppose it will be

Though, after all these years, It still perplexes me how Miss Fey manages to get into these situations so often It's almost like a hobby Hey! It's not like I WANT to be in this situation! And who is thisstrangely hairstyled fellow? Okay It's a bit of gel and some hairspray, man, it's not that strange Quite a short temper as well My name is Apollo Justice and I'm Mr

Wright's apprentice Ah So this is the one you told me about over the phone The very same Then I have high hopes

This will be interesting, to say the least Uh

thank you! Well Mr Wright

Mr Justice I will see you both in the courtroom Who was that? Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth A very close friend of mine

Nick and I have known him for years now! Huh You guys seem oddly chill about the situation

When you live with that for nearly two decades, you get used to it But he's your best friend! It's not personal He's just doing his job Can't blame him for that Defense team! The court is ready for you! All right Apollo

You ready? Oh, I'm more than ready I'm fine! That's what I like to hear Let's get going The court will now convene for the trial of Maya Fey Prosecution, are you ready? As always, your honor

And you, defense? We are indeed, your honor And and I see you brought Mr Justice along for the ride That he did And I'm ready and raring to go! I always appreciated that spirit of yours Mr

Justice It goes to show that new blood in the court system is still flowing strong! What can I say? It's a living Just barely Very good, very good And have you been keeping up with your studies? Your Honor Remember, we do have a trial to get to Never one for pleasantries, are you, Mr Edgeworth? *Sigh*, very well

If you would begin with your opening statement *Sigh* Right On the night of March 6, the Defendant and victim, Brooke Kazurdwent out to eat at Guy Eldoon's noodle shop to celebrate the defendant returning from a long trip afar

After eating, the pair left the noodle shop and entered down a neighboring alleyway Here, the pair got into a fight and ensuing scuffle Miss Fey then pulled out a gun and shot the victim three times The firearm in question has her prints on it, and we also confirmed the bullet casings with the gun model As for motive, We suspect the victim had one of her

attacks "Attacks"? The victim suffered bipolar disorder She was prone to having manic fits of rage We suspect he had one of these attacks and attacked the defendant, causing her to act in self-defense and murder the victim I didn't know Brooke had bipolar disorder

I suppose she hid it well As for testimonies, we have a statement from Detective Gumshoe, as well as testimony from one Jacques Portsman That's that jerk from yesterday! Yeah His testimony is sure to be interesting If I may call Mr

Gumshoe to the stand You know the drill, detective Name's Dick Gumshoe I'm a detective down the local precinct Now then, Mr

Gumshoe Your testimony if you would Well you see, pal, Brooke Kazurd was shot and stabbed three times in the chest He was killed around 9 to 10 AM We suspect that girl of doing it, cuz' her prints were on the gun plain as day! Plus, we also have that other guy's findings

It's hard to say this, but she's looking pretty guilty to me Hmm Nothing sounds out of the ordinary so far Anything jumping out at you, Mr Wright? Not particularly

In this case, we might just want to press for information Hold it! Any idea why the killer stabbed and shot the victim? The stab wounds came second, so we suppose the killer shot the victim then stabbed them to finish the job Hold it! What about the knife? The knife only had one set of fingerprints belonging to the victim, if I remember correctly Hold it! Would this be Mr Portsman? That's him

Personally, I don't trust the guy But that's just me I think that's all the questions I have Detective Gumshoe, thank you for your time No contradictions and the first go? That's new for you, Wright Are you sure there's no glaring error in Mr

Gumshoe's statements? Or some unbelievable fact that we all happened to overlook? Veeeery funny Mr Gumshoe, you're free to leave Thank you for your testimony No problem Mr

Edgeworth, sir! It was my pleasure! Now, then I wish to bring Investigator Portsman to the stand As you wish, Prosecutor Edgeworth Well, well It's been a long time

Hasn't it, Prosecutor Edgeworth? Indeed it has I can see post-prison life treats you well Well enough, I suppose Got a job as an investigator at the local precinct under the rehabilitation program He spent time in prison? Alright, no time like the present, eh? Let's do this

Well, during my investigation, I came across many interesting conundrums For instance, the defendant taking the knife and trying to cover up the gunshot wounds with stab wounds? Rookie mistake Then, I happened across something very, very interesting The defendant was not merely defending herself, but robbing the victim as well! As we can see here, the knife wounds have some gold dust around them What are they from? The victim's priceless gold coin that the defendant tried to steal

Using the knife, the defendant ended up striking the coin, scraping some gold shavings off and getting them on the knife And that's the story You say the defendant robbed the victim!? That's absolutely correct! Tried to steal her precious gold coin What kind of person carries a golden coin around? And secondly, none of that made any sense You saw it too right? The giant sinkhole that opened up in his testimony? Yes, I did

All right, then, let's get him! Objection! I wouldn't say that's the only rookie mistake made today And what is that supposed to mean? You still don't see it, do you? How could Maya have used the knife when her prints aren't even on it!? Man, you got good hustle! But your aim is totally off

It doesn't matter if her prints weren't on the knife! She could have wiped them off! Huh? Then why are the victim's prints still on it? Simple You wipe your prints off, and with the knife still in the napkin, you place it in the victims hands! See? Easy peasy, lemon, uh something or other

I forget the rest! Ha ha! That! I Well, then I suppose we can accept Mr Portsman's testimony Hold the phone, there, Mr Portsman! Really? In what order did you say the wounds were inflicted? Another easy question

The victim was shot, then stabbed! Then can you explain to me how the gun still had prints on it? Still had? Uh! If what you said about wiping the prints away is true, then there shouldn't be any prints on the gun! I uh Wait a minute

What is it? Mr Portsman's necklace Does it look familiar to you? Now that you mention it, Yeah! Yeah, it does! Objection! Mr

Wight, I hate to interrupt your little chat, but perhaps it's something you can share with the class? Actually, yes, it is Mr Edgeworth It is something I would love to share What are you getting at exactly? Ladies and gentlemen of the court, I am about to present to you the true killer of Miss Brooke Kazurd As you can see here, Brooke's precious coin is in dire straits

One could even say that it's not even real,as when you look closer, you can see that underneath the layer of gold lies nothing but gray plastic Get to the point, Wright I'd wager to say that this isn't a valuable coin at all In fact, It looks strikingly similar to the necklace you're wearing right now, Mr Jacques Portsman! AUGHH! Objection! And what makes you say that!? Objection! There is one way to tell for sure if Mr

Portsman's necklace matches this coin: The gold coating will simply Rub Off Rub? Off? Mr Portsman, may I see your necklace for a moment? Uh

I, uh you see, uh, huh Or perhaps we can check that jacket of yours for gold dust remnants, from wiping off the knife handle to get rid of your prints? Uh I'm, uh Or to make it simple, you could just admit it all right here and save yourself the embarrassment! Uh

I you, uh, I mean, I, uh IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Uwaaaugh And that's all she wrote, your honor I suppose, this is to be expected by now Well, once again, it seems as though Mr Wright has proven his defendant's innocence

Heh Thank you, your honor I would amount it all to luck, but no man on earth can have a deck stacked like this Well, getting to formalities I see no reason to further prolong this trial, and I've seen proof enough that Miss Fey was, once again, caught up in a rather unfortunate situation

The court finds the defendant, Maya Fey Court is adjourned! Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Nick! I knew I could count on you both! It was nothing, Maya It's what friends are for right? Exactly! We always look out for one another! Though

I still don't understand why Mr Portsman killed Brooke I didn't even think they knew each other

It's tough to say Sometimes these things just happen It's a shame it did, but Brooke can rest easy knowing her killer was caught red-handed You utter fool Nearly throwing away all I worked for With one fell swoop, you nearly cost me everything Months of time spent nearly washed away by a naive idiot

Oh, come on, man! You can't blame me for trying! I was just following your orders It was an honest mistake! I thought I made it clear to you that I don't accept mistakes I felt it was made apparent with your most recent assignment A simple task not even you could carry out So what!? It's not like you're paying for any of this! It's my life on the line now! What do you have to lose, anyways!? Maybe you should just get over yourself and move on! Hush, hush You may alert the guard outside Now then, just, uh Do me a favor and die quickly

I have important business to attend to

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