Add Business Logic and SaaS Services to Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service Applications

I've already built a simple expense application in Visual Builder Now I want to add business logic and SaaS services to the application

I go back into the development environment and switch the view to look at the designer for the business object I can see the Expense and Types objects and I can modify them For example I'll add some business logic to the expense report to check if an expense item is too costly This will happen every time I insert a record If I edit the new trigger, I can define a specific flow

I start with a condition In the condition, I check whether the cost is excessive I give it a name I define the condition I'm using a basic condition here, to check if the cost is greater than a specific amount

I choose a hundred dollars as the limit I want to define an action if this is the case I set up a name for the action and add the logic I can choose from a list of options If this item is too costly, the approval field will be set to TRUE

I go back to the page designer, and run the application again This time, I create a new expense and I make it expensive This is a lunch with a value greater than $100 I choose a type Notice I'm not checking the approval field

I click Save and Close In the table that's displayed, the business logic has been invoked The approval field has automatically been set to true This is the implementation of business logic in the application The user interface can scale to show on different device sizes

I can tune the look and feel of the application even further For example, I can choose the table and say that on a phone in portrait mode, instead of a table, I want to show a list I can even eliminate some of the fields from being shown on a smaller device Here I have a short list with a few fields If I switch to a bigger device, I can see the full list of fields in the table

I go back into the page designer Again using the live preview, I go to the Edit expense page I'm adding a field that gets data from an external service In the data designer, I look at the service catalog The service catalog includes a list of services that were prepopulated from an Oracle SaaS application and other services

In this case, I select a service from the Oracle Human Capital Management System This is related to locations I choose the location object I can choose which field I want to show I can choose the authentication type that I want the application to use

I just added another source of data to the application I can drag a new field into this page and hook the field up to the new object and a specific field within it This creates a new field in the expense report I name the field Location I go back to the homepage and run the application

Again, I edit one of the records Now I can choose a location with the values coming directly from an Oracle SaaS application That's how easy it is to extend the application to use Oracle SaaS information Once the application is ready to get tested, I use this stage to create an instance of the application that users can test Once the tests have passed, I can publish the application to create a real live instance of the application that people can use

That's the development experience with Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service For more information, visit us online at cloudoraclecom/visual-builder

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