Apollo Justice está muerto | ACE ATTORNEY

I know you were surprised by the title of the video but when I found out, I was shocked So, I was thinking what would they have meant by that I will explain it as already some, but is that most know days ago the remaster of apollo justice has just come out and next to that remaster a mini-soundtrack with different songs up here all right but the last song named "IUSTITIA SEMPITERNA" it is practically a requiem for Apollo Justice and a requiem is only played to people who are dead Why a Requiem

The song is in Latin, so it is very difficult to translate it In the lyrics some people could translate that says that Apollo dies in the trucy's arms It gives me chills with just thinking about why they would say in the song or worse yet why they put that song on the soundtrack here I have 2 theories and the most likely is that at the end of Apollo Justice : Ace Attorney it was planned that Apollo would die in some way which would cause phoenix wright to return to be a lawyer with an epic entry but seeing that the audience it was aimed at would not support the death of a main character in a game for almost all ages they decided to put it in a discreet way on the game soundtrack or the other one that I hope is not true is that they put the requiem to let us know that apollo justice will die in the next game and as the lyrics say he will dies in the trucy's arms now, I'll leave you with the Apollo Justice requiem along with some tweets if someone could translate the song I would appreciate it I wanted you to find out about the saga of Ace Attorney you know you can let your theories here down in the comments here I say goodbye I am Dani Kyo and see you

in the next réquiem chao

Source: Youtube

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