Art For Lawyers

Have we started? Yeah, yeah I like all this stuff

So you were you saying you're interested in why they would have this kind of initiative? Yeah, why am I here? What am I doing here? *Boop* You have a new message! Hi this is a message for Rory Waudby-Tolley My name is Maggie I'm an Art Consultant I have a project which I'd like to put you forward for It's an Artist In Residence at an international law firm in the City If you could give me a call that would be great I look forward to hearing from you Thanks

Bye bye There's a very tall building in the middle of the city where the lawyer's sit and practise law but when they get bored they like to look at something pretty and that's what all the art is for They've commissioned some art What's it all about? What kind of stuff do they like? Let's talk to them and find out! We're gonna make art for the lawyers! I'm supposed to make art for lawyers! I have to make art for the lawyers But I don't know where to start I hope the lawyers like my art Corporate art is a funny concept isn't it Yes, what was your question? What do I feel about the art that we have on the walls? Yeah, I mean, it's a real mix I quite like the way it's not

too pretty I've seen so much art come in to this building here Some of them get rave reviews Some of them they get negative vibes and negative views You know, "when are you gonna get the skip bin?" "Chuck away the rubbish!" – things like this But at least you got a response rather than someone just walking past It's quite interesting, in law the whole point is we're asked for advice And it's no good just saying "on the one hand or the other hand" – people don't pay you to say that You have to have an opinion! Very rarely will get people who don't have some opinion about art whether it's because they like it or don't like it And have you ever known anybody look at something and make no comment? Just say "it does nothing for me"? Even saying it does nothing for me means there is a negative response

We've had talks from visiting artists We've been to see some exhibitions and we've had great fun spending our budget and enjoyed choosing what we what we like We've also had installations in the in the reception area and on the ground floor some of which have gone down really well and everybody likes and some of which have not gone down that well at all We've had belts and TV screens, smashed up TV screens and I think the most recent one looks like maybe some sort of lampshade but what was it? – *A vortex* A vortex? Oh it's a vortex, right It sort of makes people have to look Some people like it some people find it strange But obviously like you say it causes causes conversation, so it's got to be doing something right On July 18th 2016 I interrupted lunch in the lawyers' canteen and made them draw a picture! "I'm rubbish! I'm rubbish!" – "Everybody's rubbish!" "What have we got to draw then?" "What do you want me to do?" "Drawing? I'm so incapable!" "This for me is already Picasso "I don't do drawing" "I really do not do drawing" "I do not do drawing" "Oh crikey, no, not for me thank you No, I'll pass, no" "Nah sorry" "Here we go I've been doing it in felt-tip, I'll need a bit of crayon as well Thank you!" "My crayon is quite light, so I tried!" "That is good yeah very good!" "Oh look some are almost as bad as mine!" *singing* What kind of stuff do they like? For me art is like a break from everyday life Something that you can enjoy As I once told you, I'm from Zimbabwe When I was growing up, the African guys in the backyard they used to do soap stone sculptures, and it was so beautiful They used to do the rhino and elephants and lions and things like that That's the kind of thing I like, that's my kind of art But each man to his own! So One of my favourites is actually Monet I've actually been to Monet's house in France Nick, you were talking about the guy with one ear earlier? *laughs* Yeah, Van Gogh I've been to the Amsterdam museum, which is pretty good and seen some of his famous paintings The Sunflower one was there, and a few of the others But I mean I'm I am interested in art I've done an art and design course when I was younger I'm probably more into caricatures and, you know, pencil and pen sort of drawings My art goes as far as probably 'Painting by numbers' I was very interesting in art at school, but nothing ever materialised from it Bit sad really! Are you creative yourself? – No! As far as art is concerned, I'm hopeless, so I leave that to others and take vicarious pleasure in the skills and talents of other people Oh I draw all the time! I used to be an illustrator Very low-key very small-time but when I worked in a publishers, before I became a lawyer I did some book covers and illustrations for school books etc

just because I liked drawing I also once resigned from a job to do etching, believe it or not So I did at one point in my early life think "should I become an artist?" So one of my questions was just going to be "what is art?" Everybody has a different view of art and often you can find, just by looking at a piece of art If it's beautiful or not, it suddenly makes you think of things it can make you be quite creative if you spend time just staring at something and thinking of something completely different to what you normally do So I think it's very broad What do you think art is? Yeah, no, I agree that it is broad, but also I don't know I like the idea that this film itself is going to be like a discovery to find out what art is but then questioning whether or not the film I do make is even art Have I wasted the arts residency by not making art? Interesting question, quite a philosophical question I think you will be making art because you've encouraged people to engage in it so you animate and you create something Is that art? But it is, isn't it? It's creating something that's different You have a new message I am an artist! I am an artist! I've known it since the day I was born! I am an artist! I am an artist! Look it says here on this form! I am an artist! I am an artist! Now I've got nothing to lose I am an artist with the paperwork to prove If I am artist then you are an artist and she is an artist and he is an artist We are all artists and art is important and art's gonna change the world Because I am an artist and you are an artist and we need it now more than ever more than ever

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