Asbestos Exposure in a Powerhouse Leads to Mesothelioma | Attorney Joe Williams Explains

You've worked in powerhouses for a good part of your career and you were exposed to asbestos and now you have mesothelioma Hi

I'm Joe Williams I'm a mesothelioma trial attorney in New York City And I'd like to talk to you about the types of exposure to asbestos that workers in powerhouses had I'd like to talk to you about a former client of mine who was a powerhouse worker, who was in what's called "The Major Maintenance Gang" at one of the utilities here in New York (in New York City) And his job entailed him going to every powerhouse in that particular utilities system

So he's a good client to talk about because his job involved all the exposures that a typical powerhouse worker would have So he was able to testify in his case about exposure to asbestos on boilers And having worked in powerhouses yourself, you know that the boilers in a powerhouse are giant – some as tall as ten stories And just covered and filled with asbestos product including asbestos block, asbestos cement, asbestos gaskets, asbestos refactoring And this particular former client of mine talked about asbestos pipe covering on the pipes throughout the powerhouses, as well as asbestos blankets on the turbines attached with wire to the exterior of the turbines

He talked about asbestos containing flange gaskets used on almost every pipe in the entire powerhouse He discussed asbestos covering on various equipment like pumps and other types of equipment He talked about asbestos on valves He talked about asbestos packing and gaskets used inside of various types of equipment And these are many of the exposures to asbestos that powerhouse workers can have

But there are many more and I'm sure you have many questions about the type of exposures to asbestos that a worker would have at a powerhouse Well we can answer your questions I'm Joe Williams I invite you to call our office at the number below and we'll answer your questions We represent mesothelioma victims every day and we certainly will be there to answer your questions for you

Thank you for listening

Source: Youtube

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