Asset Management | Pinpoint problems with ease

Hi! In this video I’ll give a brief demonstration of TOPdesk’s Asset Management module You’ll discover how you can track asset-specific information in one overview

That TOPdesk provides a graphical overview of your asset landscape and its relations And that you can easily customize asset card templates in our Design Mode in order to capture relevant information What’s more, TOPdesk’s Asset Management is 100% API-based, so you can connect with external tooling such as SCOM to update an asset’s health status First, I will create a ticket and link this to the associated Asset In this example I’ll register a new ticket by John Dean, who has issues with his email client

I first create the ticket, link the requester, which in this case is John Dean, and submit his request “email is not working” Here we can also link the affected Asset, in this case the Exchange application From the asset field I’ll have a look into the Exchange server Here we see the Asset card for our Exchange Application These fully customizable cards enable you to capture all the details you need

Here we can see that the asset is impacted To the right we see who is using the asset, in this case the MS Outlook users group The history widget shows a number of past events, and also the current call linked to the asset On the left side we see relationships In this case the dependencies like the application host, and which services apply to the asset

TOPdesk’s Asset Management offers a graphic presentation of the asset and shows to which assets it’s linked Here we can see that this specific Asset is linked to the email and calendar service, and we can immediately see that the email system is offline In this case the linked virtual machine is also offline When I further expand, I see that the physical server is online, so the root cause is in the virtual machine When I open the virtual machine, I can see it is also impacted

It shows the relationships As you can see, the Exchange application isn’t working We also see that a Simple Change was created to update the virtual machine This is most likely causing the issue TOPdesk’s Asset Management also shows an overview of all the Assets tracked in our Asset Management Database

In the Assets overview we can search for specific Assets or filter by asset type Let’s have a closer look at the asset type Car Here we can see all the cars Let’s have a look at one of them You’ll notice that this card looks slightly different from the virtual machine card

This card features some specific fields like the mandatory license plate field, car brand and color Unlike the virtual machine card, this card also has a special field for mileage To make sure our card has the fields we need, we can easily customize the card using the Design Mode The Design Mode enables us to add, edit and remove any fields we want in the Asset card As you can see, I can arrange the widgets on the template using drag and drop

I’d like to add more fields to this card In this case, I’ll add a new field called “winter tires” which I’ll set up as a checkbox The field is added to the card and is now available on all cards which use the “car template card” Templates are easily created via the Asset Designer Thank you for watching

If you have any further questions be sure to get in touch!

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