Assistive Technology-PART 2: Considering Technology w/Brain Injury Survivors-Evernote

Hey guys how's it going? It's Kevin and today we're working with Megan a brain injury survivor We are installing a digital notebook app called Evernote We are continuing to work in collaboration with the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa

In part one, we spoke with Megan who said she wanted to remember what she didn't remember she could remember some things but not all things and wanted a place to put them and retrieve them as needed Megan agreed to try an app called Evernote which has a free version that can be used to record daily items all notes can be searched as well as organized into digital notebooks So like items are kept together In this video we are installing and setting up using an iPhone giving you a quick look at the app which works with any computer or mobile device whether you are using Mac, PC, Android, or iOS So the software we're gonna look for at the app store is called Evernote and sometimes it comes installed on androids usually it's something we install and use get We'll let it download So Evernote does a couple of different things It has something called notebooks and then something called notes and those are your two building block So if you picture your three-ring spiral notebook and then the pages as your notes These notes actually can be a couple of different things they can be audio notes so you can record your voice and you don't have to worry about the typing and then you can replay it

Can you double check to make sure that that stays on? Thank you Then there's a speech-to-text which will convert what you say in the text Then there's just straight typing You can take pictures and make that into a note So one notebook that comes to mind would be a work notebook, and it sounds like you may have to produce a certain number of a food item and keeping track, and that might be something that you want to do so you could take a picture of the food item and you could make the note made this many or need to make this many more Megan: Right It's open

Sorry Fabulous, so what I'm gonna have you do is go ahead and create an account for yourself using an email address So there's a sign Megan: Create a note Yeah So I'll watch over here while you're doing it on there so we can kind of share So we have, if you notice it says first notebook and that's the name of your first notebook and we can rename that

So this is a note, so give it a title So in the title area Megan: Okay Let's see Let's start with and you could be fictitious if you wish Megan: Okay I'm just going to do twins And then start writing and just hit done Megan: Okay I did not mean to do that

Sorry Go back You're fine It's nice it has a little bit of a tutorial for you Megan: It does It is sweet Megan: Try the camera so you can take a picture of your iPad and you just gave it permission It's doing a lot of thinking and save yeah From the way you're cruising through this it feels like you're really familiar with how to use your phone which is really going to help with this app it feels like you are being really intuitive to how to run it Megan: It is used constantly Megan: Okay

Show me how You can save articles, photos So you remember, have you ever tried to share something with your phone? So when you click on that icon that will allow you then to share if you turn on Evernote so let's go ahead and do that Megan: So type this button down here Yep and click the more, and look for Evernote and turn it to green there you go Hit done, and now you can click on Evernote to share something So they call it Web Clipper and you can just hit save even though we didn't really do it so if you are on a webpage and you find some interesting material you can share that to your Evernote and then you can define which notebook it goes into Megan: That's extremely helpful Good

Let's hit done from here and let's not worry about emailing a link Saying no thank you get notified when you sent a reminder when people share notes with you – not now And go to my notes So go with the basic if it has – there you go So this is free to a certain extent so you may notice that you get monthly uploads you get a little bit of space for monthly uploads I don't know for sure if you're taking a lot of pictures you may end up running out of space and there is a paid version of this

I can't remember the exact pricing but I think the free version will work for you Again it really depends on the number of pictures you decide you want to utilize So select basic and get started The other thing that it showed in that screen is you can sync it across two devices so that would allow you – and I'm not sure how best to utilize this Do you ever use a computer Megan: Sometimes

sometimes okay Megan: I have my laptop for my finances Megan: Cause I try not to do any of that on here so I have some sort of app on there that I So I do have a laptop at home also Okay What would you consider your daily drivers the things you use most These two Okay, so I would suggest syncing it across those two items then

So you can go through the same process of downloading the app and then logging in with the same credentials you created today and what appears on Evernote will be on both devices So you can use whichever one you prefer Megan: That's very helpful to not have to Oh I put it in this one or I did yeah

It's very nice when they share I have found that extremely helpful so I I don't really have a great memory myself and so I depend on techniques like this to really help myself out I try to avoid most things paper, because then I don't have it at my fingertip So when someone asked me a piece of information – I'm like oh well let me go look and I can search through it So organization of your notebooks becomes helpful Just trying to figure out what those might look like

And what I'll what I'll suggest to you is maybe just explore it and try to use it and we'll try to schedule another time that we can get together and really just simply see where you're at See where we can help provide additional techniques or tips and kind of go from there Megan: That sounds fantastic great Megan: Thank you You're welcome

Megan: I appreciate all the info Absolutely Thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed this app installation video This assistive technology could help you keep track of things whether you are living, learning, working, or playing Don't forget to check out the links in the description below for both the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa and Tech4Impact Leave me some comments and let me know what type of video you would like us to do next

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