Australian Patient Raymond Receives Integrative Treatment for Mesothelioma Cancer

My name is Raymond Nugent I'm 73 years of age, and I'm from Australia I have Mesothelioma that is caused from Asbestosis that I have

Really nothing for this particular cancer In Australia, all they offered me was Chemo and Radiation and it was full strength Chemo and they could tell me it wasn’t gonna do much good any right, so I rejected it I preferred to come over here and have the alternative I've been getting a lot of Intravenous Six days a week I've been getting vitamin C I've been getting a a low dosage of Chemo getting Resveratrol and Also a bit of Hyperthermia which I get every day which is that gives the heat there and opens up the cancer and they also took some cells sent them away to be multiplied, and I've had them put back in and might fight the cancer I am quite happy with what they have been doing Since I've been here, I have noticed an improvement with myself and even before I had the x-ray to confirm it

I felt and I was sure that we were starting to beat it We know we can't kill it, but we know we are slowing it down Give me a bit of extra time In the beginning, I wasn't feeling real great I think my biggest problem was not the treatments but the diet

My body had to adjust the diet and so there was a few days when I was feeling very weak and I wanted to sleep a lot Very tired, need to sleep a lot I would get home after treatment and I'd lay down and sleep for an hour but, looks like it's done the trick, and I'm quite happy with that It was worth it My wife did some research online and she found it, and we read about it and Katrina Ellis also recommended it

We were going to Katrina Ellis She's on the Gold Coast and she's a naturopath that we we go to The staff is excellent They really want to look after you The facilities, I feel the only thing they've got to improve upon is in the room where you're having the treatment It would be nice to just have some nice relaxing music Unfortunately, there's nothing there, and ofcourse my wife comes for support and it's very boring

But I need her because of my bad hearing So, that could probably do with a bit of improvement but apart from that, it was good Yes, ofcourse it does when you when you're given 19 months to live and I'm not ready to go yet and any way that I could look at slowing it down, to give me extra time was to come over here, and there was no guarantees that it was gonna work So, you come over here, thinking positive and that is a thing that you must be positive, you cannot have any doubts, none at all So that's what I did, the whole time here, I was positive that this was gonna work and you've gotta be positive My advice to anyone else is you think positive, don't let one negative thought come into your mind and positive you're gonna beat it

Source: Youtube

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