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credit repair programs that work credit repair programs that work in atlanta ga credit repair programs that work in columbus oh credit repair programs that work in united states credit repair programs that work in america wealth secrets that work every time how to increase your credit score 100 points in 45 days what is going on good evening I know it seems like every time I'm talking to you I'm in the car but we do a lot of driving and I have a daughter that's in a dance company they are always doing something so it's it's back and forth until she can get her license and drive herself I'll ride with them she got three younger sisters that are following up so they got things to do too so I'm always in the car but it's a great way to connect with you all and spend this time with y'all so if you haven't already if you're not already make sure you subscribe to my live so when I go live you get a message because I'm always gonna be sharing great information about really changing your lifestyle financially really growing your business and things this is gonna really help you in your life and I'm gonna give you the 100% uncovered truth all right so that is what I'm doing here right so I'll share this I'm gonna give people a few more medicine to get on board but I'm gonna share something with you all and this is going to be good for those of you for two groups of people and so especially with it being especially with it being October alright October 2017 and what I'm just gonna share a couple things with you all that you know Babli helped me I just kind of give you some great information and some great value to really in your life all right so um you know get this message out share it you know just share it on your page share your fan page share to your groups because I believe it's gonna really help a lot of people especially those of you who have teams of people that you know you work with the groups of people that you know look up to you and you know things of that nature I think they'll appreciate this about you especially those individuals who are looking to who are in business where they they sponsor other people to for their business all right now I'm not leaving anyone out you know I you know I don't want anybody feel like I move now but a lot of information I'm gonna be talking about it's specific to North America it's not that I'm leaving it when I just don't know how your process works in this area okay and you know every country is different but I I know that this works here okay so you live in a different country and you're looking to you know sponsor people in the United States and this will work okay so how to save thousands this year in Texas okay how to save thousands how to save thousands of dollars you know there's a few people including myself when we learned this and made these changes our tax returns went up like five grand okay and it's nothing sneaky you know when I wouldn't claim it by those kids even though I got enough to claim but here we go so you're ready I ran you when you're watching live type one all right ready to Berlin if you're ready to watch the live type 1 if you're watching the replay type 1 anyway doesn't matter alright because I just want to make sure that you know we're being interactive in this in this broadcast right it's like a curvy Street right okay so if you alright if you are not in it if you want to save thousands attacks this year and you are currently not in a business alright what you will want to immediately do is join a business here's why if you join a business at the end of the year the last quarter of the October November and December alright you will be there there will be some things that you there will be some some items of some bills or such things that you purchased throughout the year that you can deduct because you started a business at the end of the year here's why when you start a business at the end of the year what is gonna look like is that you were preparing to start your business alright so once you become a business owner and this is from both groups once you become a business owner your bills a lot of your bills turn into business expenses that means that when you have a business expense you can deduct it from your taxes alright so let's say for instance you start a business and most people they start a business they do it from home so let's say when did you use your your one of your bedrooms or your bedroom or the living room or the kitchen area right in the little dining area whatever area T is let's say you use that area for business this is where you do all conduct all your business you know it's like your little office so what you want to do is find out the square footage of that area in your house or in your apartment okay find out the square footage of that area in your house now this is for both groups whether your are the business of you're not in the business okay and whatever that square footage is that say for instance is 20% of your home or your apartment that's the way you decide to do business in your house okay whatever that square footage is and whatever that percentage is of your house you can deduct that percentage from your utilities and from your your your rent or your mortgage taxes okay now this is not moral and I've actually read this in a book for a home-based business owner this is not model use information I'm not a tax professional I'm just letting you know what you have access to okay so if you are not in the business and you join a business at the end of the year gather all of your your light bill all of your electricity bills gather all your water bills gather all your gas bills find out how much you spent in rent find out how much you paid in mortgage taxes get all of that okay gather all your cell phone bills gather all of your your mileage that you might have driven in the car gather your any postage I'm trying to think of the other ones any meals alright any meals any uh advertising you might have done any any books that you might have gotten that educated you on business anything like that all that okay now for your home on everything for your home utilities phone cell phone whatever percentage of your home that that you would use for business deduct twenty percent of all of that so let's say for instance your lectricity bill is two hundred dollars a month and two hundred times ten because you know January February March April May June July August September we'll just say times nine two hundred times nine is eighteen hundred dollars so twenty percent of eight hundred dollars is three hundred and sixty dollars now you can deduct from your electricity bill also going into the rest of the year so we'll say Georgia times twelve is twenty-four hundred dollars twenty percent of $2500 it's four hundred eighty dollars so for that year you can you can deduct four hundred eighty dollars from your electricity and you just say thank for your water saving for your cell phone all right it is like a list of things that you can deduct now that's it if you're not in a business all right and you want to save thousands of dollars your taxes then join a business right now and go gather all that stuff all right you're going to find at least two to five thousand dollars that you can deduct from your taxes because you start a business at the end of the year the final quarter of the year all right so I know it sounds a little cumbersome and I know a lot of you don't understand taxes I don't understand anything about taxes but I know what I can deduct all right so again if you are not in a business all right join a business be and because this is the end of the years last quart of the year there are many things that you've already spent money on that can be considered a deduction because you are preparing your self or your home or whatever for business and you can go back and deduct things that you've already spent money on a lot of people don't know this okay a lot of you who are looking to recruit people to your business they don't know this and I know you're looking to get them to join your business but you got to speak a language that they understand people don't understand anything about tax but they know they are and they don't like paying them but you can show how they can reduce the amount of taxes they spend by joining your business you'll get more people into your business especially if people live in North America alright United States and Canada you get more people to your business because they'll have a reason why to join your business other than your products and services in your immaculate great over super the top comp plan okay so now I'm gonna give you a couple of tax tips a couple of tags tips all right now for anyone who is looking to purchase a big-screen television this year all right let's say for instance you want to get a new television this year you want to buy a brand new television this year Bend brand-new big screen I'm going to show you how the government can pay for your big-screen television here we go buy your big-screen television now okay before December 31st what you'll want to do is you'll want to do one presentation using your new television either hook up your laptop to it either do a video something where you are using your Prezi or your television to give a presentation have an in-home eating something were you using your television to conduct business so take a picture of yourself doing this take a video of yourself doing this all right and because you used your big-screen television for business and you have proved that you are in a business that you're proof that you join the business before you bought the television and now you use your television to conduct business credit repair programs that work credit repair programs that work in atlanta ga credit repair programs that work in columbus oh credit repair programs that work in united states credit repair programs that work in america wealth secrets that work every time how to increase your credit score 100 points in 45 days you can now deduct your big-screen television as a presentation monitor so you spend a dollar your television you spend a thousand for your television you spend for whatever you calls for your big-screen television you can now deduct it as a presentation monitor because you use your television to conduct business in your home for your home-based business all right so I'm pretty sure a lot of you weren't aware of this there's gonna be a lot of people that you're looking to get involved in your businesses that are not aware of this and it's another additional for your business or for yourself okay that is a tax tip okay now here is another tax tip okay I'm going to here's how you get your all of your travel pay for 100% all right here is how you get your your travel pay for all right so anywhere you travel okay I'm gonna show you how to get it paid for now before you go on your trip okay I don't care what are you going to whatever your business does alright whatever your whatever you marketing your business health and wellness you know legal services I don't care all right you're gonna want to make sure that you schedule an appointment with someone in that city before you go there I can't know it sounds like a lava I want to keep you legal so let's say visi you market health and wellness products okay and services let's say you live in California and you you're headed to New York for vacation well you're gonna want to find either somebody that you know in New York or a health and wellness store or place that you know in New York call them up and ask them is it okay if I stop by your store and see what type of products you have and we share and compare products schedule the appointments make sure that you email them they email you the appointment is set alright you fly to New York fly to New York you conduct the meeting alright you conduct the meeting you have pictures of the meeting you're proof of the meeting all right cars from the meeting okay the that day is deducted that the the the plane ticket is deducted the hotel room for that day is a deduction the meals for that day is a deduction if you've got a riddle car the riddle car that day is deducted everything that day is a deduction because you planned it out everything is a deduction and you must show that this helps your business grow is he able to maintain your business and it's conducive to your business well it is okay because you never know what can come from that appointment maybe that store may want to stock your products and that your company offers it now they the only way to get the funds they get the products to you okay now everything from the day you leave open to that appointment is a deduction okay now if you want to make the whole vacation deduction then have business schedule for every day of that of that event okay maybe you meet somebody and you say okay I'm scheduling this appointment with this person to talk about my business schedule it it's a deduction now your whole vacation is a business trick that's how you get everything deducted it's a business trip now because you schedule a even though you're having fun you wander you're doing your New York thing but it's a deduction okay that's another way that you can you can save money by already being in business and by joining a business all right here's another tax tip if you have children over the age of seven you can hire your children and whatever you pay your children you can deduct as payroll all right so if you have chosen that are in sports and things of that nature then you can pay them a reasonable wage all right when you can pay them up to six thousand dollars a year five hundred dollars a month 125 a week all right so you can pay them a reasonable wage and whatever you pay that you can deduct as payroll and then depending on what tax bracket it is you can deduct 25% of that 35% of that all right but it's a couple of things you have to do you gonna make sure you have to set up correctly there's a paper trail blah blahs all back I could show you set it up but you can do that now those are some things that you can do by joining a business and if you have a business these are things that you can start doing and share with other people all right see how powerful that is see you see how powerful knowledge and wisdom is so if you are not in a business I suggest you join one right now because it doesn't make any sense to have these benefits and not use them it doesn't make any sense it doesn't make any sense at all and it got another bi all I don't do that stuff and I ain't join an old business and I wanted to talk to anybody and I don't sell anything I didn't say that I said join a business to save money for your own damn self and then you'll learn how to do that along the way because how many people don't know this stuff how many other people you know don't know that they can save thousands of dollars every single year in taxes just by joining a home-based business despite just by joining it all right in this other tax tips like if you're working full time you by joining a business you can save taxes on your own paycheck you can save money on your paycheck taxes yes you pay tax on your patient right you hate that stuff right you haven't time to get your paycheck like who the hell is biker well you can kick bikers ass by joining a home-based business when you join a home-based business you kind of make an adjustment to a form and pay less taxes on your paycheck just by joining a home-based business listen people quit being naive quit being silly quit being skeptical stop it stop stop home-based business is not going anywhere it's been around since the 50s it's not going anywhere stop it open your mindsets quit being so close-minded it could be so scary could be so scared to to take a risk stop it ah I tell you all the time Oh No oh my gosh I don't know oh but they want to make changing their line but they don't know and they just don't keep going on stop stop I'm gonna tell you the rules of business never change the rules the laws of business don't change because it's benefiting too many people the same people that own those huge conglomerates you get the same tax benefits by joining a home-based business it doesn't change and there's no businesses business with you and whether you own a home-based business or whether you own a big use conglomerate that the rules of business and in taxes don't change you have the same benefits the same benefits all you have to do is just let go of something all right let go of oh my gosh there's a story of the spider monkey all right the spider mug is a very curious inquisitive animal and here's how hunters can spider monkeys all right they put a little trap down and they put little treats inside this trap okay and then they put a little hole and the hole is just big enough for the spider monkey to stick their hand in there all right so the spider monkey sticks their hand in the hole and grabs the tree okay and they hold on to the tree and then here comes the hunter and the spider monkey trying to get that hand out of the trap all right and they can't get that hand out of the trap because they're holding on to it so the hole is just big enough for them to stick their hand in it but it's not big enough or to take it out because they hold onto the tree and they're trying to get their hand out and the hunt is getting closer and closer and closer the spider monkeys like oh shoot hit come to hunter and the hunter kills the spider monkey and now spider monkey suit well the spider monkey could have got out of there and they would have just let the damn treat go right david deida just let the damn treat go the spider monkey would have lived but because the spider monkey held on to the to the tree now the hunters got a spider monkey suit well a lot of you are holding on the shed and you won't let it go you holding on to scepticism you hold on to your fears you hold on to your little your little dollars you holding on the shit you holding on to past hurts you holding on and stuff and here comes the dream killers here comes the that here comes the hunters and you like oh shit I can't get out and if you just let the shit go you're the hasn't changed in your life but now yes now you spot a monkey soup all right you huge spider monkey soup so yeah there are things out here to help you benefit in life all right I know it's a lot of craziness they shown on television and all this stuff but that's that's minuscule it really is miniscule it's really really really really miniscule it's so small it is so small compared to all the other positive stuff that's going on in this world and we are we too busy holding on to the minuscule stuff all right so let that stuff go join the business learn how to make stuff better for your life all right and take advantage of all this great stuff so I hope that helped somebody today Malta heard the value there I want to thank you for joining me and you want to know how this can benefit your life all right take advantage all these great tax benefits business financial freedom all that okay I've been in I've been in this business since 2002 okay I don't know everything but I know enough to help enough people so let's connect I got so much stuff to share you smaller the value there and I will see you on the other side credit repair programs that work credit repair programs that work in atlanta ga credit repair programs that work in columbus oh credit repair programs that work in united states credit repair programs that work in america wealth secrets that work every time how to increase your credit score 100 points in 45 days

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