Best Credit Cards for Average/Fair Credit Customers

Hi I'm Adam jusko from CreditCardCatalogcom and in this video i am going to talk about the best credit cards for people that have average or fair credit

To begin we should say that average or fair credit is sort of up to interpretation There are different, you know, ways that different credit card issuers think about average or fair credit and what that actually means And so your definition may not be the same as the credit card issuers For the purpose of this video, though, we are going to sort of look at average credit and say and this may sound obvious but it's not excellent credit and it's not bad credit

So when you are looking for credit cards if you want something to sort of tip you off whether a credit card is going to be likely to approve you with what you consider to be average credit in your own credit history, generally here's what you do: you look at the interest rate Most credit cards are going to give you a range of interest rates, so there's going to be a low end and a high end sometimes that low end may be 10

24% and the high end maybe 1724%, so you know that's where the approvals are happening somewhere within that range So for you with average credit what you want to do is you look at those ranges And if that range is a little higher, you can consider the fact that it is probably more likely to approve you with your average credit Now again what that range is is not set in stone, but the sort of rule of thumb that we use is that you if that range starts over 15% and then goes up over 20% on the high end of the range, then you are probably looking at a credit card that will approve more average and fair credit customers

So what are the credit cards that actually fit the bill as far as that is concerned? There are a lot of them, so we'll just look at some simple answers to that question The Chase Freedom Unlimited, which gives you 15% cash back on all your purchases it starts at an interest rate over 15% and goes up all the way over 24%, so those are in the higher end of the interest rate range, so that would clue you in to the fact that that may be a card that would accept people that have more average credit not as excellent Other ones the Barclaycard CashForward, another 1

5% cash back card First National Bank of Omaha also has a 15% cash back card that has an interest rate over 19 percent, again an indication that they are open to people with average credit not just those with the highest credit scores Other ones the Walmart MasterCard the Blue or Blue Sky from American Express

Wells Fargo Platinum Card and there are many more Again just check closely those interest rate ranges and you can probably deduce on your own what cards are more likely to accept you Again, if their lower end is over 15 percent and goes up over 20 percent, then you are probably looking at a card that sees you as a potential customer So that is it! Please go to CreditCardCatalogcom for other credit card comparisons and news and information


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