Broke a Car Window string trimming today – Liability Insurance is a MUST for Lawn Mowing Services

we are servicing this brand-new property and it has a ditch now if you pay close attention to the car on the Left which is a grey car so what happened is I started to trim the ditch and I hit a rock and busted a window I've had insurance for the past eight plus years and I've never ever had this happen to me now I was panicking not because of the payment portion of it but because again I've never had this happen to me but you know the first thing I did guys is I pulled my phone out took a picture knocked on her door and told the customer listen I am extremely sorry but while I was string trimming the ditch I hit a rock and I busted your window she was very understanding and she says the first thing she says to me is you have insurance right now goes yeah yeah I have insurance as a matter of fact let me stop what I'm doing right now give me about five to ten minutes let me call my insurance company and set this up and have them give you a call and see exactly you know what we can do about it guys let me tell you it is very important for you to have insurance you know a lot of us and I know you know a lot of us say we have it but we don't guys make sure that you have insurance because it happened to the best of us this have never ever happened to me in eight years and today we busted this customer window and it's a good thing that we have insurance to pay for it all right this is where we up guys this is a brand new property hopefully I can I can show you guys and and I do apologize if I'm yelling because I have both my headphones in and I can't take them out look at that no we're not doing it let me take you around and show you string cream pick this up bring this up all right so we busted her window I guess it was a rock in the ditch the worst thing about it is this is the first service visit she's very understanding because we're gonna take care of it for her but you know you can't help but to feel bad I mean it leaves a bad impression on the business but you know we have insurance and we call insurance and they are going to take care of it for us and no out-of-pocket expense but it's just say yeah it just doesn't feel good you know and like I said before first time in eight years I've never ever busted a window never have but you know hey things happen thank God it wasn't anything worse and we'll take this and you know how how do you learn from this you know which is a good question right you can't prevent it you be a little bit more cautious and the thing is it wasn't a big rock it was a pebble so it is is it isn't something that you can actually pick up or have seen all right I'm starting to make excuses there is no excuse it happened we have insurance boom it's gonna be taken care of so now we'll see if she wants to continue working with us or not if she doesn't I don't blame her but you know we'll see what happens all right guys mmm I'm back at my storage yeah this is it for today hey things happen guys I don't want to drag this video out but just keep in mind again spring is here or spring is coming some of you please guys make sure that you have insurance you have good insurance and I think have it below I didn't have a deductible for this but you know just just check insurance guys don't go out there and say that you have it and not have it and next thing you know this situation happened because like I said before we this was something that happened we couldn't avoid this alright alright guys thank you for taking the time to watch my videos have a great wonderful blessed day and remember pop smoke peace

Source: Youtube

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