Can Roofers Waive Insurance Deductibles for Roof Replacement in Colorado?

Hi, this is Randy Brothers and today I am making this video to answer the one of the most common questions that we hear as a roofing contractor and that question is, "Do I have to pay my deductible?" As a homeowner it comes up a lot that a lot of homeowners think that< "Oh man somebody–I heard of somebody who got the deductible paid" "I heard of this roofer that just gave me a big discount or was able to cover my friend or my neighbors deductible or or give them a big discount

" but the reality of it, is it's illegal You can't cover deductibles; and as a contractor we've made the conscious decision to uphold the law and do things the right way So, the truth of that answer is no–you cannot get your deductible covered

And you as a homeowner are required to pay the deductible as a homeowner you sign a contract with your insurance company and you choose what your deductible is going to be Now that that may be $1,000, maybe $500, it may be a percentage of the value of your home but you did make a decision to honor that deductible when the event of a loss happens So for two main reasons you have to pay the deductible First reason–it's insurance fraud Quite frankly, it's fraudulent to, to rip off the insurance company or to provide false documentation to an insurance company in order to get a deductible weight or discount

Number two, especially here in the state of Colorado, and I know there's some other states that are following suit that also have some sort of laws–but here in Colorado it is illegal to cover a deductible for any sort of Roofing Contractor, or restoration contractor to cover a deductible So here's the law: In Part C- Prohibiting roofing contractors from paying, waiving, rebating or promising to pay, waive, or rebate all or part of any insurance deductible applicable to an insurance claim made to the property owner's property and casualty insurer for payment for roofing work on the residential property covered by a property and casualty insurance policy There is right there you're not allowed to cover deductibles and we as a contractor we didn't get to build ourselves up as a great contractor and build a great reputation by ripping off homeowners by ripping off insurance companies or by ripping off anyone else So it's, it's not a good idea for roofing contractors to cover deductibles, and I would highly recommend that you choose a contractor that is going to uphold the law and do things the right way Yes

Are there contractors out there that cover deductibles? Unfortunately, yes there is but there's also a reason that 90% of contractors fail And one of those reasons is they're covering deductibles and they are covering deductibles which is literally taking money right out of out of their their budget, and their profitability So unfortunately, a lot of the companies that make it a practice to cover deductibles–they don't last very long because they don't understand their financials and unfortunately it causes a riff in our industry and it causes a black eye for us contractors that are out there trying to do the right thing So I encourage you to choose a contractor that is going to do things the right way, and if you'd like to find out more go ahead and give us a call and we'll send one of our experienced Project Managers out to explain this in further detail

Thank you so much have a great day Call today to learn more about the insurance claim process or to schedule your free inspection (303) 296-0361

Source: Youtube

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