Carpenter Diagnosed with Mesothelioma – What caused it? – Joe Williams Explains

You're a carpenter You've been exposed to asbestos and now you have mesothelioma

And you're trying to figure out what caused your mesothelioma? Hi I'm Joe Williams and I'm a mesothelioma trial attorney and I can answer your questions about how carpenters were exposed to asbestos Now as a carpenter, you've worked with many things on large commercial job sites and also smaller residential job sites But what we know about carpenters is they were exposed to everything on those job sites So a carpenter might be installing some cabinetry, might be working on some woodworking on one section of the room while another trade is putting up sheet rock and using asbestos containing joint compound

A carpenter might be doing some millwork in one portion of the room while another trade is starting the installation of asbestos containing floor tile, ten or fifteen feet away And all of these are real exposures to asbestos dust for both the carpenter (as a bystander) and the floor tile mechanic Or the drywall taper who's working with that asbestos containing joint compound And in addition, many carpenters over the years have told me that they also did these other types of construction work — that they put up walls with sheetrock and asbestos containing joint compound, that they containing asbestos containing ceiling tiles and drop ceilings, that they worked with asbestos containing floor tiles themselves, that that was all part of the work that they did as a carpenter As a carpenter, it's not just the work that you did

It's certainly the work you did as well as the work that others did around you And all of this work created asbestos dust from working with various asbestos products that you breathed and that is one of the reasons why you have mesothelioma I'm sure you have many more questions about mesothelioma and we can answer your questions I'm Joe Williams We represent victims of mesothelioma every day

I invite you to call my office at the number below and we'll answer your questions Thank you

Source: Youtube

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