CoDWW2: Contract Difficulty & Login Credit Bonus

yeah what is up YouTube I'm blitz 5 and this is my character so far in Call of Duty World War 2, I unlocked some kind of epic expeditionary outfit which is pretty sweet I have a light machine gun and some high-caliber large rounds over my chest if we cope these are like m60 bullets or whatever is 60 caliber is that what it is I think so but anyways that's not the point of the video what I want to talk about today is the quartermaster the contracts and the I don't know what it's called the Call of Duty points the credits payroll etc etc etc I just picked up my payroll about an hour ago and I also got hit with some kind of surprise for logging in like three days in a row I got bonus points I don't know if that happened to everybody today I'm assuming it did it said three times 500 and I received 1500 credits so now I'm at twenty four hundred and thirty three credits which I think was pretty sweet cuz it's been pretty slow with these 100 points for every four hours which is usually I'm usually only getting like one or two those per day whether I time my logins well after work or I'm actually playing for four hours which is pretty rare for me to play that long a lot of times I don't work I get the points and I play later at night and then when I'm done playing like hours later I'll play at night and then when I'm done playing I'll get the payroll again before I go to sleep anyways what I want to talk about are the contracts and how difficult I think they are so I'm totally shocked by this I thought they looked pretty easy at first then I started playing them like wow these are a lot harder and I wanted to see everybody's opinion on them or anybody else's opinion on them on YouTube so you guys think the community thinks or whatever so contracts have obviously been in the games a little while we're playing like the new microtransaction destiny headquarters style of game you know they definitely rip this off from destiny but the headquarters but I actually like a lot I call duty it's pretty sweet and makes it fun when you're loading into games which is nice I like that so anyways getting back to the contract so the first thing I saw well let's just say these look I don't know how long they're gonna be here for probably a week so this is maybe a little early to make a commentary on this we'll see how they progress but the moral of the story here the TLDR is that I don't like how the range of difficulty is it's either extremely easy and kind of like ripping people off or it's extremely extremely hard and I feel like it's only for one call duty players so let's start off so first I saw that there was the hundred kills in any mode I'm like ugh my god this is super easy like I get so many kills per game and I think you rate a player by you know how many kills they get per game and I was thinking about when you play a domination match when I see people play I've saw my friends they get like 10 to 20 kills so I think if you're like an average player that's maybe what you go for right a lot of people are in that 10 10 range tend to go 10 a 10 10 11 you know they're around 1 KD and that's where they are if you're really bad you're only getting like a couple kills per domination match then if you're good you're getting around 20 kills per match then if you're great I would say you're getting 30 kills per match I would say if you're amazing you're getting 40 plus goes from ash and then if you're in the 1% you're consistently getting over 5060 kills per game I rarely see people in the 15 60 mark and you can be a great player like I think I'm a great player I'm or you know I'm a really good to great player cuz I average probably 30 to 45 kills per domination game right now so every once in a while if I get a big kill streak I'll pop into the 50 60 70 range and call of duty you know I've gotten 100 kills and stuff like that in the game 120 140 but those are like on crazy new town gameplays you know weird game types and one-off scenarios but if you're consistently getting 50 50 kills and elimination game you're like the 1 percent of Call of Duty and I say that because once I started doing this I realized man I was cutting really close I was getting like 30 kills a game but then you get one game it's people quit out all the stuffs that you get 5 kills or 10 kills it's really slow the enemy team only has 2 players then you can barely get this but then you go to this 130 coats in any mode in the same amount of time and you just get a rare Supply Drop so the only way to get a rest by job so far out of these two style of contracts you get 130 kills in 40 minutes so that's averaging like 33 I think is it 33 33 to 32 kills a game in 4 games because the game takes about 10 minutes and if the game goes over 10 minutes then that that average amount needs to go up higher than that which is crazy so the basic math would just be like say you get 30 kills you have 4 games it takes you 120 you still need 10 more okay so if you have one bad game people start putting out whatever or even if you go twenty nine in one each game which is great twenty five twenty nine and five in domination match is awesome you know I've had that score a couple times this year round about that you're still not getting this contract which i think is pretty crazy you need to be hitting like maybe 50 kills a game and then you could get like a bad game on 25 which isn't even bad so I guess I'll stop harping on that I'm just going off about that because the next way to get a rare Supply Drop is same thing very difficult 35 kills I'm skipping over these because it's get three headshots get five headshots and you just get 750 XP in the 1500 XP so that's really not anything and then the next time you can get a Supply Drop these are the basically the same things as these just smaller timeframes so you only gave me ten minutes to get 35 kills which is doable for a lot of players but it's not gonna happen every time so the risk of you betting on this isn't that great like you're you're basically saying like even a really great player I get over 35 kills so often but if I were to do this every game I'd probably not get it every game and go to 1 out of 4 games when I have three games so you're just betting it's it's basically just betting a gambling and your odds are not that great in your favor and then for most players that's maybe unachievable in most cases so it's just really hard fifty-five kills more same thing 10 minutes even though there's bobs and stuff whatever but then you get down to these two and they're just so blatantly obvious to me or blame easy that it's almost rude like you've 30 minutes to get 20 kills in this game type you need to be getting like 4 kills a minute ok whatever it is in this you need to get a kill a minute less than a kill a minute and that ratio is just so far off this is 3 team death matches to get 10 kills so you're basically just paying to get supply drops which is what they want people to do they want people to spend money on the Supply Drop the easy one and then be like oh man I'm out of credits and then buy more credits with real money or whatever they can right so not that they're gonna use something else and money but I mean like they're gonna try whatever way they can to collect as many credits obsess over it pay money whatever it makes people do crazy shit or play way too much or whatever if they're like addicted to it and you know I don't think supply I'm not that crazy about supply drops I don't plan on spending any money and do it I really don't even care like what I look like in the game but it does get addicting just opening things because it's just like a natural habit I guess of like opening something gambling and seeing like a it's instant gratification right so anyways I just think it bothers me that these are so incredibly easy and just gonna take over its credits away I think they need to have something in the middle like what's the what's wrong with having 20 kills in ten minutes or something that's hard 25 kills in 10 minutes I had that the other day or 25 kills in one team deathmatch and I'm pretty good and I was getting 24 24 and then I finally got 25 and like and I'm a pretty good player so I just feel like making these for maybe like the top 10% of players would be more achievable and even then would still be like the the odds are still in the houses favor which is called duty and only like a group of people would be able to get it or something like that I don't know anyways I just think this credit system is left leaves a lot to be desired I thought this was gonna be a way extra part to be addicted in the game with there's already so much addiction factor and Call of Duty if you have each game there's score streaks you have leveling up your guns leveling up your division leveling up your overall class leveling up this leveling up that unlocking everything the game's always been addicting adding contracts just makes it more addicting and these rewards but the contracts I mean just are so ridiculous and what you get in for what you get for them just isn't enough to me till it weren't that bike ridiculousness and then I'm more interested in just doing these which are way more realistic the what are these called like rewards major Howard whatever these are totally doable and I'll just wait for these so this is fun contracts I think need to be tweaked a little bit or maybe I guess that's why they're that hard so you do these on a daily basis weekly basis and then the contracts are just something extra but I don't know they're too similar to me like all those a lot of these are giving me supply drops when I'm only like the most ridiculous ones are giving me supply drops and like this is just win 25 matches and week so I get that the contracts you can do every single game so I see what it's doing I just think it could have been done better and Who am I to criticize his it's not like I can make a game I call duty but I'm sure I could if I had time come up with something a little bit more creative for the contract so anyways let me know what you guys think maybe I'm just complaining a little bit but I'm not complaining just giving my opinion sharing my thoughts if you guys want to play Call of Duty on Xbox Live hit me up @ blitz5, thank you all for watching and peace out

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