Control Finance Scam Why Would They Need Testimonials From Fiverr – Bitcoin Loans and Lending Ponzi

I have been using control finance for about a week now and entered with some skepticism since there doesn’t seem to be a way for any sort of financial institution that does investments to generate those sort of returns sustainably There has been a history of HYIP scams with bitcoin, and this one could be no exception

They are getting really good at making it seem more realistic and legit, however it would seem that banks technically could make these sort of returns for themselves and their closest shareholders It would be nice if these sort of HYIP programs existed as the world needs a break from all the hard labor, long hours and tons of credit card debt which is lining super rich peoples pockets on auto pilot It’s pretty sad to say that there is no merit in obtaining an income from no labor or work, however these super rich people just put their money to work for them and go play golf all day Anyways check this out, it looks like control finance testimonials that are on the website were actually fiverr gigs So here we are in the media office and look who is the first one we see, the german guy

Looks like they took down super bearded bro We see this guys gigs on fiver here, same person Now for the vietnamese testimonial, here are all his fiverr gigs Also we have the american HD testimonial, same person as well Here is another one, same person doing the control finance testimonial

If you remember this one, used to be the number one testimonial on the top right hand side My theory is that they needed these to get started and maybe it is just innocent marketing plan These guys have raised some serious cash in a short period of time, 23 million dollars, so that seems solvent to some degree if they can get a 5% return off of that daily with their trading programs Will have to see how it turns out, people are reporting withdraws being successful I am invested in control finance for about $20 and am making a little bit of change each day

No one really wants to sign up due to my robot voice videos, but there have been some website traffic with my link

Source: Youtube

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