Credit Earning Rate, Crystals, and Loot Boxes – Battlefront 2

Hey everyone Red Wolf here and today I did the math so you don’t have to In this video we’re going to take a look at how credits are earned in Battlefront 2, what loot boxes cost and how fast you can get them

and the game play is from Lapiz_4 so check out his Intro If your only interested in credit earning rate or loot box info, you can find the time codes in the description down below Also, this information was gathered by reviewing streams from the EA Access game play before the official release of the game There may be some changes in the actual game and if that happens, I’ll post an updated video so you have all the most current information Make sure to hit that like, subscribe, and notification button so you’ll be updated with the most current information, channel as well So let’s get started; Credits and Currency Credits, as I’m sure if you’re watching this are aware, is the base in game currency system, which is used to purchase loot boxes and heroes that aren’t unlocked at start of the game

So after watching a lot of the early access game play and doing some math It looks like credits are earned at a rate of 243 (and some change) a minute Even if the game goes 6 minutes and 1 second, you get the same as for playing a 7 minute game It also looks like, when joining into match and the game automatically ending, you receive a minimum of 30 credits

I couldn’t find a game that got less than 30 credits So lets break down the numbers into something real world At 243 credits per minute, you can earn a 2,200 credit crate every 1 and half hours, and a 4000 credit crate every 2 hours and 44 minutes That is without getting credits from alternative sources

Now there are also challenges to complete while playing that game which award credits, credits can come in crates and you will also get credits if you get duplicate star cards and items in crates The amount of credits earned on duplicate star cards is based on the rarity of the cards, and we’ll break that down in the next section Premium currency costs real money, called Crystals Crystals come in packs starting at 500 crystals for 499 US and going to 12,000 crystals for 99

99 US If you decide to go this route, and that is your choice if you do, crates cost from 100 to 200 crystals So every trooper crate will cost you $250 US Crystal do start to get discounted around the $19

99 US package for 2100, and then even more as the price increases If you break this down into hours, if you hold a minimum wage job, which I want to say is $725 US an hour, each crate will cost you 20 minutes of work Crates There are 3 kinds of crates in the game you can purchase with Credits or premium currency If purchasing crates with credits, they cost from 2,200 for a hero crate 2,400 for starfighter and 4,000 credits for a trooper crate or 110, 120, and 200 premium Crystals respectively

The crates will include at least 1 item for the specific type of crates you choose Each crate will contain at least 4 items, and some will receive 5 items depending on the RNG gods and your standing with them As you open items, they will inform you if they are NEW, UPGRADES, or DUPLICATES, so that way you know what you are getting in each crate and if you had it previously or not For duplicate star cards, they amount of credits you receive from them is based on rarity, for common its 200, uncommon, 400, and epic 600 credits You can also get weapons in crates and those duplicates give 500 credits

Crates also give crafting parts, ranging from a low of 45 to a high of 60, these can be used to upgrade star cards that you already own Crates will also give credits, from 50-100 Summary So in summary, people are going to say this game is pay to win, being that it will take you time to unlock everything in the game unless you spend real money However, everyone needs to remember this is just a game, and games should take time to unlock things, that’s what progression is all about The only way look boxes are going to go away is if people stop buying them, however there are always going to be people with disposable income, that want to spend it on things they enjoy, and companies make a ton of money from these players

Personally, I will not be purchasing any loot crates in this game, the game is fun with out having all the best items, and although it may be more challenging, a challenge is what makes gaming fun Ending I appreciate you guys for taking the time to watch this video, please hit that like and subscribe button and the notifications so you know when videos are live if you want to see some more Battlefront game play, check out these 2 videos and as always, I’ll see you in game

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