Credit Sesame’s Personalized Finance Tips

On Thanksgiving Day, we all look forward to a yummy meal with our loved ones >> But the day after, it's time for what? Shopping

>> Okay >> And our friend Tiffany our budgetista, is here to give us tips for how to be a Black Friday boss Hi Tiffany [MUSIC] >> [APPLAUSE] >> I love it, okay So Tiffany, I'm so excited about this

I'm seriously buckling down with my wallet and getting ready for these deals What is the first thing everyone should do when they're preparing to shop on Black Friday >> So first, you wanna take your queues from Santa That means make a list, check it twice >> Okay

>> Make a list of everyone you wanna buy something for >> Okay >> Before Black Friday And potential gift ideas for each person Okay, good

>> So it keeps you focused, plan ahead >> Okay, now I got my list, I'm trying to find my list, I got two names Okay, what'd I get? What do we do now? >> [LAUGH] >> So you want to create a budget You gotta use that list, before Black Friday, again, and you're gonna figure out how much each of those potential gifts are gonna cost you Just do a quick online search

Add up that list and that is your workable holiday budget >> Let me ask you another question Now, when I make this list now, because when I have a list of people, is it okay to mark, about things on sale, is it okay to mark them up and then give them to the person? >> [LAUGH] >> You know what? Now that we made our list, we created our budget and it's now time to- >> I wanna mark them up, I want people to know what I paid for their gifts A lot of people giving me cheap gifts I didn't give you a cheap gift, don't you give me a cheap gift? >> Leave that price tag, Mr

George Now, this is my question You make the list You decide the budget, should you get in line, in the tents and all that stuff that people be doing, waiting? >> No, stay home Here's the thing

You can follow stores and retailers online, cuz on social media, they're going to give special codes and discounts that you can get Dealnewscom found that last year 70% of those same discounts that you found in stores could be found on Black Friday or Cyber Monday right on the stores' website >> Wow, awesome

>> Give me a hand vacuum, I'm ready to find that hand vacuum >> [APPLAUSE] >> You want a handbag? I want that NutriBullet thing The thing that makes your, I want >> The George Forman >> Yes, no, just a bullet that makes a smoothie

>> Yes >> They don't tell you you have to buy, have to spend $50 worth of fruit every week >> It's $1999, I seen on TV Okay go

>> All right, okay >> I'll buy everything on TV, thank you, Tiffany, but everything on TV, I bought >> Okay, and something that's really serious With all of the identity theft, that's going on during the holidays, how can we protect ourselves against that? >> Good one! >> So credit is one the most important parts of your adult financial life So student loans, homes, cars, just other personal loans

And when your identity is stolen, it's really scary and hard to get that back So there's a company that can help called credit when you get a Credit Sesame membership, not only do you get up to $50,000 of identity theft >> $50,000? >> Yes, of identity theft insurance, you get your credit score, credit monitoring, personalized financial tips, and monthly updates >> Wow >> [APPLAUSE] >> The best part about Credit Sesame, it is F-R-E-E, free

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Free? >> Free >> All of a sudden, that's Credit Sesame! >> Credit Sesame! >> Somebody already stole my stuff When I get home today, somebody already stole my stuff $50,000 worth of free stuff? >> Well, free insurance yeah >> But >> That sounds so great

Cyber Monday is just as important as Black Friday And I know you all are gonna be surfing the web for deals instead of responding to work emails >> Mm-hm >> So how can we maximize getting the best deals in the cyber world? >> So here's a trick So you already kind of know what's gonna go on sale

Go to those different stores websites Put the things that are gonna go on sale that you want inside your shopping cart So kind of like you place them on hold And then, when Cyber Monday hits, refresh your shopping cart and the deal should appear It doesn't always work, but when it does

It's awesome >> [APPLAUSE] >> On top of that >> [APPLAUSE] >> Instead of having gifts shipped to you, so say you get something for a family member Don't have the gift shipped to you Ship it directly to them, because you can often get free shipping And especially if you travel for the holidays, you're going to pay, like, way more money if you take it with you

>> Yes >> And then lastly, people go all the time on websites when you buy something And there's something, a box called coupon code If they have a box, there is a code >> Really? >> So take a few minutes and Google, or just search, coupon code for whatever website that you [CROSSTALK] >> You're amazing

Thank you so much Tiffany That was great information Thank you for stopping by For more information on Credit Sesame, head over to therealcom

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