Dental School Student Loan Calculator with Student Loan Planner

Hi I'm Travis from Student Loan Planner and we're going to save you money on your dental school debt Take a look at a typical dentist graduating from an expensive private school We'll say that they have $400,000 of dental school debt At an average interest rate of 7%, with inflation at 3% Paying their loans since 2017 We'll also say "no" that they don't work for a government or not for profit employer We'll also say that the person has an income of $120,000 to start as an associate Let's assume that ramps up pretty quickly to a pretty high level of production then they go into practice ownership Then their salary for the first year takes a little bit of a hit They then go back up to a higher income as an owner than their best year as an associate We'll assume they top out at $300,000 as an owner, and their salary grows at 3% after that We'll also assume that they're single Let's take a look The cheapest plan in this case is private refinancing If they were able to refinance their loans at a 5% with a 10 year term, that'd be the best course of action Looking across the bottom, you see the best cash bonus links anywhere to refinance your dental school loans The problem is that this dentist couldn't refinance right now with only a $120,000 income While they're waiting to refinance in 2022 or 2023, they need to use Revised Pay As You Earn In the third 'Calculations' tab, go to the annual interest charge under REPAYE It's only $19,000

Compare that to $28,000 on IBR or PAYE REPAYE will keep the balance from growing nearly as fast as with other options You'll also be paying the least That's an example of how I save money for dentists on their dental school debt This calculator is available for download at StudentLoanPlannercom for free If you click on the menu bar and click student loan calculator you can enter your email to get it You can also enter your email on any of my blog posts and get a copy of this spreadsheet I also provide 1 on 1 consultations The cost is just $199 for individuals and $299 for couples The consults are extremely valuable as I save the average dentist over $100,000 I built the spreadsheet so I know what all these numbers mean I'd love to hear from you at travis@studentloanplannercom, otherwise enjoy

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