Deuxième édition du Hub-TDay Insurance

Second edition of the Hub-TDay Insurance and second participation OCIRP that the digital revolution congress The OCIRP common organization of pension and welfare institutions was a partner of the event, which proposed, 2 days, to think and design the future of insurance This is the 2nd edition of TDay, so this year we have more than 700 participants in the Congress, therefore, of great leaders but also for employees, HR at the heart of the transformation of enterprises, start-ups experts, Therefore, a global ecosystem to exchange, reflect and take action because today, in this digital revolution, you really have to take action

The OCIRP by its culture, is in innovation mainly on these topics Today, we work a lot collegially with provident institutions and mutual on the challenge of the revolution age And I think being in a TDay today on these elements, is to show optimism and commitment for the future to be positive The OCIRP, insurer social purpose, wanted to mark this year's TDay by organizing the first workshop of design thinking live around the issue of loss of autonomy and support to caregivers As part of an innovative and collaborative approach, This workshop invited young people from 20 to 40 years design solutions to improve the lives of carers and seniors

Innovation, this year it was a design thinking that is to say, a group collective will think about 40 or a little more, collectively to find solutions for the elderly This design studio thinking we set up with the OCIRP aimed to react, to consider start-ups, youth experts under 40 who were on a given theme, caregivers, make early reflective and services So why autonomy and caregivers? This is a subject resulting from the law of 2015, the law Rossignol has highlighted the fact that caregivers were important for help, that about that emerges in society, it is a CSR topic This workshop was held at the initiative of the OCIRP before a genuine finding, is that innovation is needed in all areas Here, in this case, it is a social problem and innovative methodologies, the need for innovation are all the more relevant

It was a workshop with several stages, each time, very clearly identified steps So it's first get acquainted, get around immersion the person who is going to propose innovative solutions Two stages of ideation that is to say the creation of ideas, collective thinking around how one answers these issues and these issues And, finally, how we propose and prototype truly innovative solutions and also viable So the challenge was to innovate on this theme then 4-hour lap top

The innovative approach of OCIRP not stop there 4 since the solutions found by the various working groups were presented the day after a panel of experts invited to comment on these initiatives We have seen projects that were carried out yesterday in 4 pm, with a design thinking system So it is interesting to see that 20 people together, well managed, can produce, in fact, 4 products or services rather than quality The jury was finally impressed by all solutions These are relevant solutions that help caregivers not only in its relationship to help but also as a person with its constraints and challenges

The most interesting in what we have seen, it's the approach The fact that relatively young people who may feel far removed from the subject, interested in the subject and invent them Invent and innovate is what the OCIRP daily to remind all actors of society that the issue of caregivers is a major theme respect everyone and that everyone has to think, today It is a challenge of the future, the challenge then, has not yet fully realized that we had to deal with now, do not wait Today be helping is something difficult

If you have information, if it is accompanied, overall it will be much easier The issue of carers it is important We, we are there, actually to allow each employee to give the best of himself and to give the best of himself, it must feel good, there is a balance between private life and professional life This is an absolutely major issue today Again, 8

5 million people are affected, 164 billion they avoid spending and therefore, it is a major reason today think about a society of active solidarity, a society of care, in a society that values ​​people, where it accompanies people and where we do not abandon them We all have the same issues in relation to this theme The silver generation must gather between actors to imagine how to handle the autonomy together tomorrow So very good initiative OCIRP and I think we need to multiply such initiatives The OCIRP when she thought she thought collectively

We are not in an individual approach, individual by individual, it is on agreements either business or branch and our vision, specificity, I would say the DNA of OCIRP is the collective So when you think about the young, they are young people who collectively reflect on the old, collectively

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