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– Hey, what's up YouTube fan, this is Brandon Weaver here, once again, I'm here to talk to you about don't save money (dynamic music) Alright, now I know it sounds crazy, don't save money right, what are you talkin' about? Don't save money, this is counter-intuitive to everything that you've talked about

But check it out Alright, now maybe you don't have any delinquencies out there, maybe all your credit is good and clean But you got a lot of debt man, so now you're putting it in, you're in cash, in a savings account was getting you no interest, but your debt is 15-20%, you need to pay off them debts, alright Now if you do have delinquencies, holla at your boy, you know where to go, alright You, I can help you out, alright

Credit repair, but if you don't need credit repair and you just got debt, and you wanna pay off your debt so you can get that out of the way, now I was in a position, I had to pay off some debts, and I was worried, I was like, man, I ain't gonna have no money man, I ain't gonna have no cash, alright But you know what happens, I paid it off, I wound up having more money 'cause I didn't have that monthly payment, that monthly payment with all that interest okay So I'm getting you fired up about this, right, you're about to go pay off your debts, now check, take, take, once you pay off your debts, what you gonna do man? That's exciting right? You're excited, you don't even know what you'd do with yourself So what can you do? Alright, you can travel on that money, you can go see the world, and invest in yourself Get a business, get a home, if you could pay your car in cash, I mean there's all sorts of things you can do

Now you've paid off your debt, your monthly payment is gone, the big ol' $500 check you writin' to someone, now you invest it, yes that's right, you invest it Alright, a nice, easy, low-fee index fund Alright, you put it away for your retirement or whatever it is you wanna do, wherever you wanna get to, that $500 now goes into an investment and it compounds, and it compounds, and money becomes your slave, it becomes your work, it becomes, for you, it working for you, while you sleeping, money never sleeps and it's working for you And even before you invest, you can take some trips, 'cause now is the time, you can go overseas, you can see the world, change your mindset, maybe get some great ideas for your life, for your business, for your wife and kids, for your family, I mean it's amazing guys You can use that money to educate yourself, invest in yourself, get a new trade, whatever it is that you wanna do, you can do now, because you free

You free of those shackles of those debts And those high interest rates I don't know what you thinking, it's probably the scariest thing you're ever gonna do, 'cause you got that cash, you wanna hold onto it, maybe just pay it But you want to know what? If you come to equilibrium you are going to earn more believe me It is putting, it's making that jump and taking that leap

I've done it, other people have done it, and it works, you can do it too So, if you still have credit issues, you know where to go 609CreditRepaircom But we can do it for you Give this a thumbs up, comment below, subscribe, and I'll see y'all guys on the other side

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Source: Youtube

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