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My name is Ashley Brown I own Cheveux salon in Brookfield so a little bit about Cheveux salon We've been open for five years we definitely cater to all walks of life as far as clientele We have clients who come in anywhere from age 2 to age 92 So it's definitely something that we pride ourselves on that everybody's welcome through the Cheveux's salon doors we really focus on keeping hair healthy So we find that we have a lot of clients who have textured hair who seek us out because they've been having challenges with it and we focus mainly on keeping their hair healthy People find us who have had issues with chemicals in the past or just never really been taught hair care maintenance and we really help to teach the client how to best take care of their hair I decided to open a salon mainly because I worked behind the chair for a corporation which I loved

I grew a lot working for them I managed for them so i learned a lot on that side of things And then ultimately I just kind of felt like I wanted to open a place that had like my own signature on it The company I worked for we did a lot of training and I just felt like I wanted to do even more We really take the time to educate our stylists and I think being that we're the ones educating our guests that's very important To have a thorough education and the industry is always changing, new things are always coming out and so we just really wanted to kind of have a more hands-on training program and that was my main inspiration for kind of opening a business and focusing on keeping hair healthy The best part for me about owning a salon i'd have to say is seeing that kind of light bulb when people really start to get it so whether that be the stylists who are new and we're training or the Customers who come in and we're kind of teaching them how to keep their hair healthy and kind of get them over the hump of you know they're transitioning and say having hair that's stressed to having hair that is really healthy that would be the most rewarding I love working with educators it's kind of funny i actually started working with educators credit union they were the first place that i banked with out of beauty school just on my own and When i decided to open the business i immediately thought to reach out To educators because i had a such a great experience with them personally that i was hoping business-wise they kind of be able to direct me in the right direction and When i met with educators i did do my due diligence so i did kind of meet with some other places just To you know inform myself i'm a new business owner i wanted to make sure that i was making the best moves for my business so i did do some research and after all the research i really felt like educators was the best fit i felt like they knew me by a first-name basis they called and checked up on me they offered different options for my business loan and and kind of helped me get connected with the right people To find my location and even how to kind of do my finances with like accounting and whatnot they really made an effort to take the time to kind of give me a checklist of things that new business owners need and that was one thing that definitely set educators apart from like the other businesses and establishments i looked into At Cheveux Salon we're always looking to grow our team our team is very close-knit kind of family oriented and we really are always looking for hair stylists and nail artists at any Point in their career you know whether they're right out of school or if they've been doing hair two years five years ten years we're always looking for new talent to hire and bring in to the team There's tons of ways to get in touch with us we are definitely the type of salon that communicates with our customers all the time by searching Cheveux Brookfield you're gonna find us on facebook You can reach out to us on Instagram you can also reach out to us on Yelp you, can email us our email is CheveuxBrookfield@gmailcom If you do prefer to call you can definitely give us a call in the number for that is 262-456-1601 you can also get in touch with us through our website our website is amazing you can visit it at wwwCheveuxBrookfieldcom just for you guys out there who don't speak french i don't speak french either but you spell Cheveux C-H-E-V-E-U-X and then add Brookfield, so CheveuxBrookfieldcom

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