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Saturday night here at my house in Atyra and I'm gonna be cooking out I didn't have any charcoal so I just got the the fire started with a little bit of wood and sent the wife off to pick up some some charcoal and some other stuff that we're gonna need but I wanted to do a little bit of brought a little bit of information about health insurance here in in Paraguay now in Paraguay there is public health insurance there's two different types of it but I will leave that for another video in this video I want to talk a little bit about private health insurance and the way private health insurance works here is that you basically you sign in to a plan that's affiliated with certain specific hospitals here and the plans themselves are pretty generous but they're limited to the hospital that you're dealing with so if you haven't some type of international type of health insurance like Signa or Aetna or you know another international company insurance corporation those are generally recognized at at the larger hospitals here but if you don't you can get insurance through whoa its really starting to pick up here you can get insurance through you know the hospital itself and in my opinion the best private health insurance here available in Paraguay is called ASISMED and the reason why ASISMED is the best is because they're affiliated with the best hospitals in this country the three best hospital directly affiliated with in their network now there's like four or five different hospitals but La Costa Hospital La Costa Hospital San Roque and Hospital Santa Julia those are like the three best that the country has so and I just recently I had a friend of mine who was in a very bad accident and literally almost tore his foot off and he was rushed to Santa Julia and he stayed there for I think like ten days and they did two or three different operations on him and he had ASISMED because where we work the that's the company plan basically is ASISMED and they did an immediate immediate surgery to reattach his foot and then a couple follow-on surgeries to put in titanium plates and and screws and everything else and I have to relocate here this things got a little bit a little bit stronger than what I thought and basically the insurance coverage covered a very large portion of the total of the total cost basically he had to go out of pocket for the titanium pieces themselves which are expensive which came from Europe and for a surgical specialist which was not part of the hospital that came in and and did it he's actually a specialist who works with professional soccer players here in Paraguay he's known as like the top in his field so anyway I think all told for his for hit what happened to him I think it set him back out-of-pocket about the equivalent of $6,000 I think something like 30 million garanies but that's an extreme case if you take into consideration that he had a hospital stay with you know intensive care for a portion of it you know I mean the coverage is pretty good and ASISMED offers like I think four different levels what we have is the not the not the most basic one we have the next up but then there are two plans which are higher which offer more coverage so but I'm not a Salesman for ASISMED I'm not here pitching it I'm just saying that that's what I have and I have had several visits to Lacoste hospital for health reasons which I won't disclose but anyway it was completely free and my wife had to go in about 8 months ago for a female issue and she spent the night and she had a procedure done and it was it was almost completely free when I went down to to check out of the hospital he had to pass by the register and I owed them 7 mil seven thousand guananies which was like a dollar ten cents or something and the thing is what happened with my wife was like an emergency situation so you know we checked in and we had no idea how much it was gonna cost so so basically it was a pleasant surprise that it cost me less than two bucks but because normally what you do is if you have some issue you go see your doctor and you have tests done or whatever and they say okay listen you know you're gonna need this procedure and you go and right there at the hospital you talk to the ASISMED people you know the insurance people I'm sure it's the same in other and other hospitals as well that have the insurance that they will they will give you a quote right there they'll give you they'll tell you how much it's gonna cost you know what you need done what portion of it is gonna be covered by the insurance and what portion is going to be out-of-pocket so so anyway that's like a quick synopsis basically about private health health insurance here the the the basics of it now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to connect with this video clip while my friend was in the hospital I took some took some video in there the security people were not too happy with me and I was told that I was not allowed to film however I did get some filming done of the hospital before they they shut me down so I'm gonna add those clips to the to the back of this video so keep watching if you want to see you know what the hospital looks like on the inside that was at Santa Julia and I also found a promotional clip from La Costa Hospital and it's totally in Spanish but it gives a good look at the you know at the hospital itself and you know the if you understand Spanish you'll understand what they're saying but basically the type of treatments and things like this but those are the best hospitals in the country Lacoste especially for anything maternal or related to female health La Costa is the place you want to be and Santa Julia is much more of a quiet Hospital you mean anything related to children and women La Costa is where you want to go Santa Julia is you know for you know older older sick people basically or people that need to be in the hospital so so anyway I'm gonna I'm gonna wrap this video up with this and then I will add on the clips that I said I'd add on and I'm hoping that any minute my wife is gonna show up and and have the charcoal crazy cat and have the charcoal that that I need because you probably aren't gonna be able to see this because there's not a star in the sky it's threatening rains so so anyway I'm hoping to be able to get my asado done before it starts raining so anyway I hope you found this the clip informational I hope you keep watching and get a look at these chopped up clips that I did from Santo Julia Hospital adios

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