Hello and welcome to this new video, hi the smart investor So today we'll ask you the question of should we invest in credit in fine, and yes this is often not the same is the question we say here I have to invest in real estate so I'm going to ask a implied repayment loans, that is which is really more widespread and before that you just explain what is the difference between the repayment loans or in fine and especially you subscribe to the channel that is to join the smart investors who take action and therefore So here we will enter the thick of it so, so wrong solution here is to give the bank and say here is infinite credit anyway I did not dig the question I even know, I did not so I do not I do not ask myself issue but the real problem is did you study optimizations you could do with that famous infine credit, so how does it walking is what you can tell me Sacha how it works, then yes credit infine how it goes, the difference between the credit depreciable and infinite credit is that you will block infine credit a certain amount you're going to life insurance and you will all pay the end, that you infine fully repaid the credit at the end but what happens between the beginning and the end in fact you'll simply pay interests and interests there will be no amortization as Credit is what happens in a normal credit you're going to pay a Part of interest to the bank and the other part in sinking all months you'll repay repay repay, then what happens a depreciable credit is that you have a part that corresponds to interests and the other part that corresponds to return of capital namely that in a classic credit you initially pay much interest and more you advance plus interest and that's exactly and as the credit infine thou repay any capital until end what is going well and in fact the interests remain always the same until the end that is the moment you repaid the Credit So here but what's the point of doing something like What is this story, already is that you can develop more the infinite credit bah that's actually the credit in fine wholesale your interest will remain the same from beginning to end and really at the end of 20 years eg the bank will tell you this now you make me all my money, the bank will have already made the transition a lot of money on life insurance policy usually is that the bank say to you here you're going to fill As a contract life insurance that will be built against this loan and on which basically saw you put money still regularly I'm sure you can pay the end otherwise it would be too easy, so this is so for example it can be, I have seen contracts that it was once a year you put an amount above and for example for 20 years and at the end of twenty years off you refunded and now it is the blow that is this kind of credit so it is sure it will do it not address everyone's why it's a little less experienced less used, it is for individuals who are tax they are very very imposing, so that's actually what's the point is that these famous loan interest in many diet whether furnished or even land in you'll be able to deduct mortgage interest on your counted or your income so basically it will allow to lower your taxes and as you and as you have much interest on this famous infinite credits to the end it will allow you to lower your taxes for very long and the other interest is that you're going to put money on life insurance you the better it is well placed and thee succession will be optimized since by life insurance contracts and good succession there are rules that make it's not bad if something happens this treatment big for older here for older gives good living it's really not bad to study this solution that's like that you lower your optimistic the estate tax so it's really not bad yes quite good there but for young people like us we got yet not really interested us we take as installment loans here depreciable depreciable depreciable, but also because credit Infinit ultimately it is something less common So in fact we think less easily there is less common is less used good after that depends on what you want to do after installation is not bad too to surround himself with professionals who can help you optimize much your taxes perhaps this assembly so therefore there is perhaps it's something you will use in the future currently it has not yet used but it can not hurt to be know that it exists and use it at the right time there suddenly if you loved Video does not hesitate to comment liker, and especially sharing it and above all downloads an hour of training is just below here you just have to get your name in your email address and get access to precisely one hour of training to invest in a roommate which cases go we say to you soon and soon finds himself in other videos See you

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