FEMA Accessible: NFIP Director Debunks Flood Insurance Myths

Good evening folks It is great to be here with you guys tonight on Facebook Live

I am Roy Wright I direct the National Flood Insurance Program here at FEMA I wanted to come on tonight and debunk three particular myths that have been playing out in the flood insurance space as we begin to work with survivors, particularly those insured survivors there along the southern Texas coast The farther down south, Corpus Christi, Rockport, Victoria, some of you may be able to get back to your homes and others are waiting to have that opportunity I want to give this information for those who have been able to safely get back to your house, I will give you some specific instructions that you can take

These rumors we really need to beat down really, really fast The first one, we heard of robo-callers that are outward dialing to people like you saying if you don't make another payment on your flood insurance to them today your policy is void This is dead wrong Do not take any information from anyone who is not a trusted source for you As you are working through flood insurance, you need to be talking to your agent, to your company, to the adjuster they assign, your local official or FEMA

If it is not one of those five, it is not real As the director of the National Flood Insurance Program let me give you this assurance, we are not awaiting your payment in order for us to continue the relationship that we have If you have a flood insurance policy, we are going to work with you all the way through this process A second one, there is a Texas state laws that has been getting a whole lot of press, the deals with insurance and about a date reflecting September 1st As it pertains to flood insurance, the kind you get through the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program

It is really, really simple As we look at this piece it is a federal program State law does not have any impact on us, so if you have been able to safely get back to your home, if you have been able to file that claim with us, great That September 1st deadline has nothing, nothing at all to do with our program Nothing to do with FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program

If you have a policy and if you are covered for flood insurance, at the point by which you are able to get back to your home safely, here's what I want you to do I want you to call your agent or company and say I need to open a claim on my home They are on standby They want to help you down this line Secondly, when you're able to get back safely I want you to take that phone you are watching me on now and go to video mode and walk around your house and take a video of all of it

Anything that is of value, I want you to take a specific picture of it Photos, photos, photos you need pictures of everything Absolutely everything We have some of the tips about how you can begin to muck out your home safely and sort through your pieces Go to FEMA

gov/hurricane-harvey FEMAgov/hurricane-harvey One more that I want to debunk It just pains me these are the things that get out there but we have to go to trusted sources

As you work with that here's the other one Someone said, Hey I filed a flood insurance claim last year so I cannot file one this year That is dead wrong If you are insured through the National Flood Insurance Program, I don't care if you filed one last year or five years ago or two months ago, if you have experienced a loss related to Hurricane Harvey and the floods that have played out, that policy is one we are going to follow through on Get in there, file your claim, take your photos and go to FEMA

gov/hurricane-harvey and get the information you need All of that is in play for you If you get frustrated or confused make sure you reach out to FEMA but work with those agents on the ground Let's recap First of all, there are no robo calls saying you have to make a payment today

Dead wrong Secondly, the Texas state laws related to insurance that has some dates related to September 1st, not part of the National Flood Insurance Program, no impact on us You can file your claim today or file your claim later Third, if you filed a claim in the past, you absolutely can file a claim today Go to our website to get more information

For those who filed claims we will come back another time to talk more about it We are pushing advanced payments The first $5000 moves very quickly We can get up to $10,000 here out of the gate and then look at the losses you have and work through that process with you and help you on the way to recovery Thanks, stay safe, stay smart

Source: Youtube

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