Get a Life Insurance Early

Hi! This is Paul of AXA Philippines While you are getting the most of your life, doing what you love to do Let me tell you a few reasons on why you should also get a life insurance while you are still young

We could die of old age or we could die before we retire Getting a life insurance early is better than getting it later As you may not know, a life insurance policy today has 2 parts included 1 is for financial protection, 2 is for long term investment While most of us are working hard in our jobs, people usually have few places for them to park their money to make it grow

In most cases, people only know to place their money in banks While placing your money in the bank is good, it is not the perfect vehicle for it grow to be used for your retirement Today, the top 20% of people are making money through investments, like investing in top companies of the world The rest of the 80% are working for these top companies Ordinary citizens usually don’t have the time, expertise, or access to these investments, thus the 80% are left behind

That is unless you start making investments yourself The good news is that when you get a life insurance policy, you not only get yourself protected, you get to save and invest a portion of what you paid to be invested in these top companies However it is important to get started as early as you can, as time is a big factor in how much your investment grows The more time you let them grow, the more investment returns they can give you For example if you place your investments to a high yield portfolio

You can get as much as 10% return of your investment Say if you budget 3,000 a month, that money can grow as much as 600,000 after 10 years If you save and wait longer, say 20 years, your investment can grow as much as 2,000,000 pesos That is more than half if you only park your money in a regular savings bank account When getting a life insurance, you are hitting two birds with one stone

You protect yourself and you get to invest in the top companies Don’t wait too much to get started Get a life insurance policy today and I would be glad to walk you through it If you have any questions regarding insurance, please let me know Thank you for watching

Source: Youtube

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