GMB’s Piers Morgan blasts Texas Attorney General

'You brainless moron!': Piers Morgan blasts Texas Attorney General after he claims the 'only way to stop mass shootings is for MORE people to take guns to church' Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan blasted the Texas Attorney General in the wake of the church shooting after he claimed the only way to stop mass shootings was for more people to take guns to church During the live broadcast of the breakfast show he co-hosts, Morgan also criticised his friend Donald Trump for saying it wasnt a guns situation but instead blamed it on a mental health problem at the highest level

Mr Trumps former press secretary Sean Spicer also appeared on the show, Good Morning Britain, and agreed with the president that the mass shooting was not a guns issue At least 26 people, ranging in age from five to 72, were killed by former Bible study teacher Devin Kelley, 26, at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs on Sunday Kelley was discharged from the Air Force for allegedly assaulting his wife and child, according to an Air Force spokeswoman The discharge would have disqualified him from owning a gun, but his Facebook profile had a cover photo of a semi-automatic rifle, apparently placed on his sofa, with the caption: Shes a bad b*tch Mr Morgan, a tireless campaigner for tighter gun control laws in the US, was furious by Texas Attorney Governor Ken Paxton saying the only way to stop mass shootings was for more people to take guns to church

The GMB host sarcastically said: Hes so right, isnt he? Thats so obviously the answer isnt it? You brainless morons Sorry but thats what you are Texas Attorney General: a brainless moron! Turning his ire on the president, he said: How can it not be a gun situation Mr Trump? If he doesnt have a gun he cant kill people with a gun This is not rocket science  

Mr Morgan also attacked gun rights activist John R Lott Junior after he defended Americas gun control laws on the show Mr Lott Jnr said: We have tried an assault weapons ban in the United States for ten years and theres no evidence it has any impact The EU during the Obama administration had more casualties per capita than the whole of the United States over that period Mr Morgan replied saying it was utter, utter nonsense He added: How many people were killed by guns in Britain last year? How many?

Let me pick you up on the science Gun crime in Britain has plummeted after fire arms were banned  You claim to be the world expert, please be quiet Youre incapable of answering simple questions

Speaking in Tokyo President Trump insisted the latest tragedy isnt a guns situation President Donald Trump claimed tighter gun controls would not be required in the wake of the tragedy He said shooting was caused by a mental health problem and not an issue with US gun laws He claimed that based on preliminary reports the shooter was a very deranged individual

Mr Trump added: This isnt a guns situation This is a mental health problem at the highest level Its a very, very sad event A very, very sad event, but thats the way I view it Mr Trumps former press secretary Sean Spicer sided with him when he appeared on GMB today He said: I agree with the president that this is not a guns issue What we will learn from the investigation is that this individual had problems 

Source: Youtube

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