Good Hands Surprise | Allstate Insurance

Dad, uh, had a wild sense of humor and he loved us fiercely I was 20 when he died

And, he was just the best father anybody could ask for He was a one in 10 million We have lots of photos and lots of newspaper clippings We have no audio or video of him whatsoever He had always told me, ‘I made a commercial

It didn’t air very long’ It’s family lore…it’s, uh, the legend of dad’s commercial ‘Hello, I’m desperately hoping you can help me find my father’s television commercial My dad did a television ad for Allstate in 1971 His name was Guisto Patinella

My brother is getting married this summer and I would so love to have this ad to surprise him with’ ‘Is this it?’ ‘He runs exactly like my brother!’ ‘Well, uh, about four or five months ago, I was on my way to school and, uh, I had stopped to pick up these two students and while I was stopped, I got hit in the rear by another car’ ‘I don’t remember him sounding like that, at all!’ It’s home You guys brought me home again’ ‘Uh, this commercial is 46 years old

And, um, you’re about to see it’ ‘I went down to the, uh, Allstate claims office and he said the check would be there the next day and sure enough, next day, there it was I was really pleased In fact, I thought the service was fantastic’ ‘Awwww (clapping)

’ We always talked about, uh, how we wish he could be there for our wedding…so, yeah, it’s awesome He was my original best man You brought him back to us He’s still doing it

It’s amazing After all those years I just couldn’t believe, uh, so many people went through all this to make this happen I’m gonna watch it a million times I love it

So great It’s the best present ever

Source: Youtube

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