#gotbailnick explains why Private Prison may be preferred by inmates over Public Prison (OCCC)

(upbeat music) – Interesting thing, I had a client who, I might even do like a podcast with him in the future, but he had one, served a sentence at Halawa Two, he had also served time in Arizona

Three, I bailed him out because he was pre-trial on a new case from OCCC So this is a unique individual who has experience at all three of the places that we usually keep people I'm anti-prison Like I'm anti-prison I want people out of prison

I'm anti private prison as well because I just don't like the idea of shipping people to Ariona, but what he told me was, if he has to pick between places to be incarcerated for any amount of time, he'd pick Arizona, which was crazy, I was like, what are you talking about? Arizona, you're away from your family, you're in a private prison, why would you want? He said, one, the smell and the cleanliness It's just an overall better taken care of facility, than, the infestation, the smell, and the general state of disrepair at OCCC Two, he said he got treated more fairly and with more respect from the staff in Arizona than he did here in Hawaii I'm not trying to take shots at OCCC, but he just said he got better treatment there Three, he said at the private prison they had better programs, there was more things for him to do, there was more activities, he had just more opportunities to make use of his time when he was there as opposed to maybe the bare minimum that they have at OCCC

And we already know they've had infestation at OCCC They've had, what was it, bed bugs? They've had different outbreaks of infestation I was so surprised to hear from somebody who had been at all three places, he'd rather be at the private prison versus the public prison So, I think your idea is great Have a hearing, the Bakke Hearing, the following morning to see, maybe they don't have to be at OCCC

Maybe there's a nice plot of land at Sand Island that's super close that we could help people in a different type of facility Low security, medium security, whatever it is But let's maybe open up our minds, find a solution that works for Hawaii, and then instead of trying to cherry pick dumb ideas from other jurisdictions that don't work, we can make a system that works for Hawaii and then they can start trying to copy us Right? Let's have some ingenuity Let's have some creativity

Let's not (deep bass music)

Source: Youtube

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