Greenville Federal Credit Union: Celebrating 50 Years with Thanks and Giving

(bright music) – [Jessie] It came out of nine school teachers getting together and saying, "Well, we need something to help our teachers" School teachers had difficulty getting loans from a regular bank or any other institution

– [Cecil] We found out about credit unions, and we got together and had a meeting at Greenville High School There we decided that we wanted a credit union too Nine joined the credit union, paid our five dollar fee, and that's 'bout where it started – [Allan] Came at a time when it was really needed And some folks who had money put it in, and others like me, that needed it, borrowed it

In fact, I was the first person to borrow at the credit union – [Kenneth] It makes it very easy for teachers or members of the credit union to get credit And it grew very rapidly – [Doris] We started out as just educators, and then we kept growing, bringing in the colleges – [Jessie] Then we decided that this is not large enough, we needed to help the community

So we ventured out to the community – [Kenneth] College loans to assist kids in going to college, household loans – [Al] Because of the cost of adoption, we couldn't find anyone that would help us – [Tracy] That really shocked us, and Al said, "Let's check the Credit Union Maybe they will

" – [Al] They were willing to help us out For the next nine years we paid for our five adopted children and a vehicle to carry everyone – [Jessie] We serve our members Our members are the Credit Union – [Doris] No matter if you have five dollars with us, or, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars, we don't care

We're gonna treat you the exact same way, which is family – [Willis] We've been real supportive of the school system and the programs that they have The Credit Union has instituted a Credit Union at Greenville High School – [Kyndra] I've learned a lot about finances, such as how to make a budget, which I didn't even know really what a budget was – [Jessie] The Credit Union at Greenville High is one way of starting to help them, to educate them in how to manage money

– [Willis] We've given to the community, rather than taking from the community – [Kenneth] We have offices all over the county – [Jessie] We have state-of-the-art buildings of any building in Greenville County and I'm very proud of that – [Allan] I am so amazed If you'd had asked us in '68 when we started it, saying we would have this building and four other branches and all that, we would have just shaken our head because we were really struggling that first couple years to make sure it got off the ground

– [Cecil] It makes me feel real good, yeah – [Jessie] Oh, it's just hard to believe that we have come from that one classroom to where we are now – [Al] And I think it's just starting

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