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– Hey, what's up YouTube fan? Brian Weaver here once again, and today we're talking about how to remove hard inquiries So first off, everyone pretty much knows that inquiries can move your score down

Just hard inquiries though Soft inquiries, inquiries that you get when you look at your own credit report, so don't worry about it You can look at your annual credit report, credit karma, credit check totals, your privacy cards You go nuts, look at it all you want 'cause it's not gonna affect your credit score, that's a soft credit pull But a hard credit pull, when you authorize someone to take a look at your credit for the need of getting a loan or a credit card can bring your score down five to 12 points, three to five, to 12, to seven, somewhere in there, right? If your credit score's already weak, it will bring it down more 'cause it gets weighted heavier in the algorithm, it gets aggregated as an average and if you run your credit a bunch, it's gonna get down a bunch, as you all know out there, in the emails that I've gotten, hard inquiries are a removal issue for you guys

So soft inquiries, leave alone Hard inquiries, how do you get rid of them? How do you get them removed? Okay, so we'll break it down slowly one by one So, for a inquiry that you did not authorize I've seen credit reports, we'll see multiple inquiries on certain days or multiple inquiries within a couple of days of one another, specifically banks may run 'em for loans, car loans, you go into a car dealership, you know, you're getting all of these inquiries that you did not authorize You might have said, "Hey, I'm gonna do just this for just" You give that authorization for that one lender, but then they run it for a bunch of lenders

So you can draft a letter, we actually have the letters drafted for you at 609creditrepaircom, of course, we have inquiry dispute letters for you that are available for you to use And you draft a letter and you ask them for proof They have 30 days to respond, these creditors, these original lenders, the original people that you are going to get an account with and did not get an account with Okay, these are all non-account holding inquiries

So the inquiry is something that you didn't authorize, it's not holding any loan or credit card debt with it, you send a letter, they have 30 days Now, if you don't get a response, they're supposed to delete it If they don't get a response back that proves that they have some proof, like a recording of you saying it's all good, something written, an electronic signature, something that proves that they were allowed to do that They've got to take that off the credit reports They've got to stop saying that it's accurate when it's not

Now, if they don't, you can send follow-up correspondence, you can call them, things of this nature They're in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act section 1681, and that comes with a 1,000 dollar fine So what you can do in your follow-up inquiry dispute letter, or phone call, or fax, or whatever you're excited about doing in the inquiry removal process, you can ask for them to validate it once again If they can't, I saw last 30 days you didn't, I want payment of 1,000 dollars That is your right under section 1681 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Of any inquiry or transaction must be, must be authorized by the consumer, you So you have rights, okay Now what about an inquiry, okay so that was one inquiry situation, what about an inquiry you did go ahead and get on your credit report and you know, you felt, you didn't feel good about it, right When I was young, I went to a bank and I remember I had one credit card, and then they asked me hey, you know, you can get another credit card Man, I was like 19 at the time and I was like oh, okay, yeah, and I, you know I got the credit card

And I was like I don't need this credit card, and I closed the account and silly me, I should've kept the account open But if you ever feel coerced, okay, pressured, pushed into getting an inquiry, getting more credit, somebody pushing you to do something Hey man, that's not right, and that is not, that's against your rights, okay So if you feel like you're coerced, that is another thing that you can put in the letter Hey, I didn't get this account, it's not account holding inquiries, remember not account holding inquiries we can't dispute accounts that have inquiries

Inquiries attached to accounts, cause if you do it will shut down that account It's gonna look like it's a fraudulent account tied to an inquiry They're like oh, it's basically you getting everything shut down, you're not gonna be able to use your card But, if you're coerced you can put that in the letter Hey, I was coerced, this sales person pressured me into it so they can meet their quota, so they can make their money, I didn't feel good about it

Especially, especially, when you know that there's a lot of practices out there like those car dealerships, like places, I, you know what I heard of a gentleman Another person who got coerced into, well not even coerced, it was like a strange manipulation He called up his bank, he said hey I'm gonna come down there, I'm interested in getting a home loan I just want some rates, I'm just getting some information, and the banker pulled his credit He was already a customer of that bank, they had all of his information, they pulled his credit

Put a hard inquiry on there, when the gentleman got down to the bank, he said hey I was just coming in I already know what my credit score is, I was just coming in for some information, and you pulled my credit That, I didn't authorize that The banker turned red, they were in trouble So violations like this happen often, okay, so if you're coerced, you don't feel good about it, you can dispute that, you can put that in a letter

Now, let's talk about some other things, okay You got an inquiry on there, or you got a bunch of inquiries on there, and they're about two, three months old or something like that, okay A lot of the times with any dispute, okay, even stuff that's older, two, three months it's not fresh They don't have an account, not account holding A lot of the times these banks or creditors don't hold, and we're talking about original banks, original creditors right now

They don't hold these documents, the, any type of recording or anything that collects the signatures to prove that these inquires are yours Especially for something that doesn't have any account attached to it So, a lot of the times you can write the letters, you can have the inquiries disputed A lot of the times if they can't be verified, they must be deleted And so that happens often

Now, collections Collection accounts Sometimes collectors will consider to have a meaningful purpose or some type of need to check your credit To do what? To get collection? To collect out of duty? To verify your information? I mean, they could do so with a soft credit pull I've seen that, where they've used soft

They don't need to be using hard credit pulls, and sometimes they do and they hurt your scores And they do not have the permissible purpose under the fair credit reporting act in my eyes, to do so And they may not know that they have a permissible purpose You send in a letter, we have a collection letter for inquiries, you can send it off to them all written up for you Proper legal wording, you send it to them

And they are going to have to come up with a permissible purpose, they're gonna have to prove to you that they have the right to do so And it's an area where they just are gonna kinda flounder around That's another way to get a collection inquiry off You don't have any account with them, you don't have anything, no reason for hard inquiry So there is again 1681 of the fair credit reporting act

You've gotta give somebody the right to be pulling your credit, hard credit pull, otherwise everybody could be pulling your credit, hurting your score It'd be a nightmare, and that's where it comes into when you're doing this quote unquote rate shopping When people are rate shopping you at a car dealership, or for a home mortgage loan or something of this nature Where you wanna make a onetime inquiry on one lender and they shotgun blast your inquiries That's not acceptable

Either you can send stuff to the bureaus, you can send stuff to the creditors, okay, and you can talk to them and tell them hey, with these correspondents, hey, I didn't authorize this Under section 1681, you're in violation, and I want my thousand bucks if you don't take it off That's what it's worth to you So, that's pretty much the process, okay Get the proof, if they don't have proof, you got 'em

You can send proof that you didn't authorize this stuff to the creditors You can send letters to the collectors We have letters for the credit bureaus to ask them to verify as well So you've got two, three letters out there that are really gonna put pressure on them and really gonna get you the results that you deserve, alright So, if you still have questions, hit me up in the comments

In the comment section below If this helped you out, give it a thumbs up Alright guys, it really helps me keep doing what I'm doing And please subscribe, I really enjoy everybody here I'm so happy and flattered with all the subscriptions and comments and likes and shares and you guys are fantastic here on YouTube

Helping me keep doing the videos, guys Alright, I gotta go I like hanging out with you guys, but I'll see you in the next video And I'll see you on the other side Take care

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