Harvey Birdman, attorney at law – Ep.1 “Bannon Custody Battle” [Sub. Español]

I do not know, Benton I guess I see the kids as if they were my children

Of course, Race You are like a second father to them What happens if that is not enough for me, with being a second father? – I'm afraid I do not understand you – I want the guys full time I've raised them and I think it's fair

Race, you're tired The Adventure of the Yeti de las Nieves Princess left us exhausted Rest for a couple of days I take the boys and there's nothing you can do about it

I forgot my keys PROTEST! NO PLACE LEGAL POWER Season 1 Episode 1 Bannon Custody Battle Harvey Birdman, lawyer dictating on August 14 at 2:34 pm Dictating <i> One Dr

Quest wants to see you, Mr Birdman </ i> What happens? Dr Quest, it's a pleasure Please, call me Benton

– And I'm calling you? – Mr Birdman Mr Birdman Yes

I have a very serious problem My lifelong partner now wants to take away my children's custody – How long is she– – He He is my travel companion We embark together on adventures to hot jungles

and sites of that style I get it Tell me, why is this man– Race Bannon Yes Why does Mr

Bannon believe he has rights over his children? I hired him to take care of them but over time he became a second father to them <i> I consider myself a good father </ i> – Hi, Dr Quest

– Dad <i> But maybe I should have spent more time with the kids </ i> The typical father who spends little time with his children I accept the case! But first I have to talk to the kids How are they called? Sure, their names

Of course Yes, there is one blond which name is Oh, for God's sake, come on, Benton I went from being a poor orphan, member of a caste of street sweepers to be on a needle-shaped plane that flies very fast drinking US soft drinks – I owe a lot to Dr Quest

– And you? – It's my father, you know? – Yes? <i> The ornithologist called The results were negative </ I> Thank you – Boys – What is this? Some balls that click

Guys, your father and Race were friends but they are not anymore They understand? Clear Race works for my father – Race owes a lot to Dr

Quest – It is not so simple Look, I knew this was going to be difficult so I went through the liquor store and bought a couple of magazines that I think will explain everything

Tell me, does Race have new friends? I saw him talking to Dr Zin the other day He is the archenemy of Dr Quest and any enemy of Dr

Quest is my enemy because I owe a lot to Dr Quest Drink your juice – Oh my God – Birdman! – We finally see each other again

– Vulturo, we saw each other last week I was in Zurich last week, you idiot! Avenger, my digital agenda Tell me again how a "T" was written Is it pushed and left down or– I said I would live to defeat you and that will happen on this precise day! Get ready to feel the legal power! Order in the room! I'm sick of you two

Well, Mr Birmano, Bigardo, or whatever you call it sit down and close your mouth! Well, Mr Vultoro, Vulturo your initial arguments

The fact that someone is the biological father of a child makes him the best person to raise this child? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, today the Quest family father of these two adorable children Say your name, surname and occupation

Man, Lizard, and lizardman Could you tell us what you witnessed? Clear From what I could see during the Mystery of the Lizardmen Was it the Mystery of the Lizardmen? All right From what I could see Mr Bannon was the one who spent the most time with the children Thank you

– Bravo, Bill – Well done, Bill The next witness Could you tell us who, in your opinion, is the best father? Sure, Quest was present, physically But it was clear to me that Bannon was the one who took care of them

– The best father? – Bannon – The one who best raised them? – Bannon – The most desirable? – Bannon Junga! Junga hungry! La Pajarera Geez, how good it was today I think it's time to celebrate

Scotch – Stan, they're 11 years old – You're right Your turn, Mr Butifarra

I call Dr Benton Quest to the stand Dr Quest, tell us about your relationship with – Race and I met one night – With your children

Clear I adore you I love you so much And when I'm not working on my projects how to accelerate particles up to subsonic speed

using only magnets, for example– Thanks, Dr Quest – Ripples, constant speed – Nothing else! sum, which surprisingly equals the mass of the atom and, separating them by the weight, we should be able to see

Magic! Shut up, weird guy Mr Vulturo, your witness Could you tell us if you consider that it has happened enough time with your children? Well, yes, I think so

Doing what? Things a father does with his son Children Yes, and would you mind telling me what things are these? Can you tell me if Jonny and Hadji can play baseball? – Well, I'm not sure – I understand, he's not sure

Do not wait Yes, I scolded you several months ago because they were hitting a small white sphere with a truncheon <i> and hitting the traction beam housing, imagine! </ i> Got damn! Look how they have left the housing of the traction beam! This behavior is very inappropriate on your part I'm going to kick them in

Yes, I would say that they definitely know how to play Would you mind telling me who taught them? Well, Race, I suppose Look, I do not understand why "bésibol" means so much to people

There is important work to be done, more decent activities More decent than baseball? I have no further questions Mr Bannon, how long have you known the children? Well, four years, almost half of their lives And how would you describe your relationship with them? I am your bodyguard and guardian

That does not look Race What do children mean to you? – They are my life – Excuse me I taught them how to drive a hydrofoil to make a tourniquet

But they have taught me much more They have taught me to love, to care and I do not see why something as simple as biology must come before what my heart feels as his – Thank you

– Your witness – Bootylicious? – Yes, Your Honor? – Your witness – Yes, Your Honor How long have you known the children? Well, four years Almost half

Fascinating Tell me, Mr Bannon

what do you have to say about this? Excuse me Tell me, Mr Bannon, what do you have to say– No god I thought I had it clear Let's see, I tried this one

What do you have to say about this? Borscht! Order! Mr Birdman, you better have a good explanation for what happened! I have it, Your Honor A few months ago <i> during the Adventure of the Sunken Safe </ i> <i> Race turned left handed

</ i> <i> and his shoes had laces </ i> <i> He always wore moccasins until that day </ i> <i> The waiter who drugged him with a lima daiquiri </ i> <i> at La Casa del Buen Gusto </ i> <i> it was the same one that later hit your Lexus

</ i> <i> and fled without giving her his insurance information </ i> <i> He created a Race robot and programmed it to get the kids </ i> <i> And that man, Your Honor </ i> is in this same room Stenographer, read what I just said

Yes Something about a Lexus and loafers and Devils! This damn machine does not make sense! – Doctor – Zin Quick! To the ship! This is not OK

I want you to know that your father loves you both very much – But throws like a girl – Same as Martina Navratilova but that does not mean that it was not masculine in many other aspects I think it's time to give him another chance

Avenger, call Dr Quest Ravi! Jimmy! Look who I have on the videophone <i> Hello, guys </ i> Race, I can not believe I did not remember you were on vacation

<i> I put a Post-it in the refrigerator You never read my notes </ I> I must say that Zin's robot was perfect I do not know how he could create it without using a full-scale body mold of your person

But where could one have gotten? Yes Where, Race? Tell us <i> Friends, you know what? I have a bad connection </ I> <i> I'm going to have to cut </ i> As I know he will never I will allow myself to tell Mr

Birdman what he deserves Well done, Harvey And you too, Bandit Subtitles by aRGENTeaM wwwargenteam


Source: Youtube

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