Hastings MN Asbestos Claims Attorneys – Client Testimonial

Susan Vento: My name is Susan Vento I'm the widow of Bruce Vento whose claim was represented by Mike Sieben and his staff

Sieben Polk has the finest reputation here in Minnesota for representing Minnesotans with personal injury claims and in particular asbestos related claims [GRAPHIC: Susan Vento, Client] Bruce was a St Paul guy who grew up on St Paul's east side, the second oldest of eight kids in an Italian-German family Ended up working his way through college to become a junior high science teacher and during those working experiences worked on St

Paul's east side in several different locations Taught junior high science in south Minneapolis for a number of years and then was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1970 In 1976 he ran for Congress and he served in Congress until his death in October of 2000 Bruce F Vento: From the age of 15 until the age of 30 I was a Blue Collar worker

I had to work hard to get ahead and by God I did and now this illness that really reaches back from my past you might say comes up and hits you when you’re 59 years young [GRAPHIC: Rep Bruce F Vento; D – Minnesota] Often at night I reflected on my days, actions, and work and asked myself have I made a difference in someone’s life? Have I created opportunities for others? Have I helped build hope? My focus changed dramatically this year I was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma in late January

As most of you likely know mesothelioma is a tumor that’s associated with asbestos exposure American is a great country with vast resources and intellectual fire power, but billions of dollars have been spent on litigation since mesothelioma was first reported in the early ‘50s; millions alone on experts who are paid to prove and deny causation alone Susan Vento: Bruce was a really passionate man, very committed to whatever goals he set personally and professionally and not one to go off filing lawsuits But the more he thought about the exposure that he experienced unknowingly in these work settings and the devastating affect it was gonna have on his life, as well as the lives of his loved ones after his death, he felt it was his obligation to do what he could to correct this wrong [GRAPHIC: Film of people carrying casket and bells ringing from church] Reporter: As the casket clocked in red, white, and blue began to enter the Cathedral so too came the memorials

The famous, the anonymous, the grateful arrived to remember the unforgettable Bruce Vento Male: Bruce Vento’s death was dignified and it was loving and it was holy There is also a great dignity in the reality that Bruce a congressman who was committed to the concerns of the working man should die of a working class disease Asbestos is not a disease found in the air conditioned offices of executives, it’s found amongst working people Susan Vento: Mike and his staff worked hard to get us timely settlements

There were some settlements prior to Bruce's death, which was very reassuring for Bruce, but we also got the sense of peace of knowing that the folks who were responsible for this exposure were being held accountable Personal injury lawyers play a very important role in this state and in this country and without them, those of us whose lives have been just destroyed because of bad decisions and bad actions, we'd go unrepresented So we're lucky here in Minnesota to have Sieben Polk They're impeccable [GRAPHIC: Sieben Polk Law Firm, Premier Mesothelioma, Asbestos and Injury Law Firm in the upper Midwest

651-437-3148 1640 Frontage Road, Hastings, MN 55033, wwwsiebenpolklawcom]

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