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– [All] Welcome Whoa, welcome to this week's Ask GMBN, where we get to answer all your questions as best as we can, and this week's quizmaster is Neil

Is that me? Yes it's you All right, let me get started then Big_O says, "I'm a road rider but I have a hybrid "and I've found some very good trails for beginners "and I've tried it out and it was great "but I'm not very good "Should I get a mountain bike "because of the suspension and if so, "what type of mountain bike?" That's interesting isn't it? Oh yeah, that is So, is there a bike that particularly suits someone coming from road? I'm gonna say a hardtail

Yeah, I would say a hardtail, with a front suspension Trail-y hardtail Yeah that's good just to get a feel most at home on, isn't it? It's gonna be, react to the ground in a similar way to your road bike But it is gonna be a very different feel What's the main things they should look out for, Neil? Well, I think it's gonna be relatively cheap, which is a good way to get into it Also, you could stick some skinny tyres in there, and sort of do some epic rides

A little bit cycle across gravelly so good for your average road rider Yeah, could you swap out, 'cause he said he had a hybrid, can you put front suspension on a hybrid? Probably I think the angle's gonna be a bit weird I'd be slightly worried about thrashing it, 'cause you've probably got quite small rims on there Yeah

Well there you go Some good thoughts James B, "Would I be fine to use a hundred mill "cross country bike for a Gravity Enduro?" (men groaning) Is that pushing it a bit? Is that a hardtail, or full sus? Hundred mill? I would think it's a full suspension, hundred mill Hundred is quite small, isn't it? Well, I think it'll be all right It'll be fine, yeah

Depending how rough that race is It's probably gonna have a relatively steep head angle for a cross country bike, so that's gonna– It's not gonna be good for descending It's not gonna limit you, it's just gonna be slightly harder to go fast on But, you could definitely do it Yeah well, there ya go

Jobby, "I'm a student about to finish uni, "I'm hoping to get a professional style job however, "I still want to shred and most likely take risks "that will cost me injuries and time off, "threatening my future savings, et cetera "Is mountain bike insurance worth it, "or do I need to be a racer?" Yes Yeah, now that's an interesting question That's a very interesting question because Blake, you have got experience on that I have

You used to have an insurance that if you got an injury, they paid out for the particular injury you'd got Exactly You'd pay for two, there's two different stages in it So you can have insurance for sprains, or insurance for heavy breaks And that all covers loads of other bits and pieces

Because, I was professional mountain biker, and I was self-employed If you don't do your job, you're not gonna get paid, and all such things, but it covers you a little bit So, insurance is wise but it is quite expensive I never had it, although I was looking into it after I had my recent road bike crash I would've earned some money there

Yeah, you would've (all chuckling) I dunno, it's a tough question to answer It is a tough question It's definitely worth looking into It is very, yeah Right, Gluti is talking about suspension

He says, "Is my rear shock blown? "Every time I land or take the weight off it, "it sounds like a woosh "What are the signs of a blown shock?" Go on Neil, you must know, you must have blown some shocks in your time I have, not for years and years though, to be honest I think they seem to last now Um, not necessarily noise

I think some shocks do make a little bit of noise It's generally if it's not very smooth on the rebound If it pops back really fast, and even when you wind on all the rebound it still fires back really fast That's the first sign of a blown shock Bit of oil, too much oil

There can be some oil in that shock, on the shaft But, noise? Not necessarily Does that mean there's air in that fluid when they're coming up, like (forceful sucking) Yeah, I don't know why some shocks do make a bit of noise There might be a reason for that I've got a pair of forks that make that noise

(gentle slurping) Let us know in the comments if you know why they do that noise I don't really know Adam Bushmich, "You guys should do a video "where you take a bike that was a three by eight gearing, "and make it a one by eight "Put the biggest fork you can on it, "and some 26 inch wheels, "and show everyone why they shouldn't" That's a– That is a good, that is a good, I like that idea

It's like the ultimate what not to do with your bike One by eight Yeah What else could you do? You could take, you could have a negative dropper Stamp, a massive stamper

Negative dropper? Yeah, one that takes the seat down below the seat height It would be hard to design, but I think we could do it How do you do that? It would kind of fold down Oh, a fold, okay It's not a good idea

That's the point It's terrible But that is the point, yeah We have made a video about every mistake a mountain biker makes So check that out

Yes – [Man] Beginner, novice, newbie, whatever you call it, we've all been there to make mistakes In fact, some of us still make them all the time Number one, slipped pedal to shin smash (bike crashing) (agonised screaming) There are some crazy mistakes

We've all done it, haven't we? Yeah, I've done all of those Yeah, all of them? All of them Left your front wheel? Yeah Yeah, I've gone riding without a bike before Whoa, (mumbles)

Piotr Czopek, "Can I put 200 mill travel forks "on a dirt jump bike? "Will it fit, will it work?" question mark A question we get asked an awful lot Hell no You can Well you can, yes, but why? It would technically fit, but it wouldn't be any fun once they're out

It's not ergonomically It's gonna put more stress on the tube as well, that's what I think Great, is it? Yeah, it's gonna be like this, no

Don't bother If you're gonna do it– So the real problem will be you're gonna have a very slack head angle Yeah, and to compensate that, put a 24 inch wheel on the front The geometry's gonna be all weird If and when he bought by the fork, you know your bottom bracket's gonna end up so low

Ah, it's a terrible idea No We're a no on that But send a picture in if you do do it We're a no on that one

'Cause I've done it and it just, it's not good You've done it? Yes, I've done it We've all be there Mountain bike forks on a BMX? No Well I've done that, I've done that

I've done (mumbles) trials bike Terrible, terrible You know they go That's more bad advice Terrible idea

Fluffymuffins246, "What is the difference "from entry level brakes up to high end ones? "Is it worth the extra money to upgrade?" Ah now that's quite interesting 'cause I was thinking about that one, and the thing is, entry level brakes, to a certain level, can be really good – [Neil And Blake] They can be They can be really really good, but what you get when you start spending more money on brakes is quite a lot of subtle things isn't it? Yeah a lot of these get sort of more high-end material Yep Yeah

More adjustability, especially in the levers You can still really get those levers set up for you Can be lighter, did I say that already? Yeah, and could you say a bit more performance? I would think so, but it may be worth trying a set of cheap brakes against expensive brakes Yeah, we should actually I think one of the things I've noticed about when you've got a really great set of brakes on is they work really great, but they feel really nice when they doing it

They do feel really nice Yeah, they do that And I think there's an awful lot to be said for that 'cause it just makes your bike feel great when your braking, actually feels good, you know? And that's quite hard to achieve with a cheaper brake Definitely, that's for sure Wegsie, "You guys should make some more vlog stroke "behind the scenes videos

" That's a suggestion, not a question Yeah, I like the vlog-y bit I love doing the vlog-y stuff and I'll tell you what, when we did the Whistler video, when we all went out there We all? Well, Neil couldn't 'cause you banged yourself against a car at 500 miles an hour That's true

But when we went out there, we did get to do a bit of vlogging, yes? Yeah we did And it was really good fun I think we're gonna do a bit more of that I did one in Chile and Pacifico and I loved it, it's really a good fun thing to do Yeah that video in fact kicked off the idea for us doing the Whistler video

Hey, while we've got the opportunity, why don't we take a look at what went on out there in Canada His majesty's arrived Oh there he is, there's his chariot (upbeat music) (gravel crunching) – [Man] Yeah right (laughs) (bikes clanging) – [Man] So good (laughs) So good to relive all of that, isn't it? Ah so good

So good Neil, you missed out on that one And we're gutted you weren't there, though It was fun I have watched the video though

Firefell asks, "Will there ever be a GMBN podcast?" You have mentioned this You've said about doing this You've said this I would really like to do it, yeah I think you'd be a good host for a podcast

You like to chat I like a sit down and listen to an hour-long chat about bikes Not necessarily structured, just casual chat [Blake And Martyn] Yeah Pub talk

Maybe we should try it out Is it what you call pub talk? Yeah, do it in the pub That's a very good suggestion PadrinoXL2 says, "I'm riding clipless pedals "since I started mountain biking a few years ago "and I like them "Since this year, I'm riding more downhill sections "and want to improve my techniques

"should I change to flats for learning skills "like bunny hops and manuals the right way?" Yes, I would say so Yes Definite yes Definite yes Definitely yes

You don't wanna rely on those clips, do you? No, learning on flats is the way to go and that skill will transfer over to when you go back onto clips wouldn't it? Hopefully, yeah Yeah That's the best aim, I think it is Yeah, yeah I need to learn how to ride clips

I'm not gonna do a Johnboy question I see from DJ Low Pro he's six foot seven Whoa And he's looking for a dirtjump bike "How can I make it fit my size?" Gonna be quite difficult, actually

It's very difficult I've got some tall friends Good friend of mine, he is one, he struggles to find a frame that's long enough for him He's like putting long stems on but that feel weird But that's the thing with dirt jump bikers, it's gotta be short and you know, quite easy to throw around

Look at Martin Soderstrom, he is six foot, don't know He is massive actually He is massive And his bike's I think it's a large? It's quite low Yeah it's very low, yeah

It's hard Right, Fernando Gonzalex, "Was Blake the tennis player "on road bike pie two?" (laughing) Wow, you know what? It's a good excuse to have a little look at a funny video and maybe we'll take a look at the old tennis scenes and see, is it? Is it, is it me? ♪ And although this town does flaunt ♪ ♪ Much thicker stories than I care to talk ♪ ♪ You you've ducked them in style ♪ ♪ And I'll always love you for that ♪ (men laughing) ♪ You see Abby she's got to wait ♪ ♪ Until she gets you on your own ♪ ♪ So she can make you make mistakes ♪ Whatever spot it is, it was Blake being bunged, he's been an integral part of all the road bike pirate videos Yes Time for quick fire round Yeah

Right, let's get into it Yes and no Steven Daniels, "I'm in the middle of class "watching this" That's not a question Well done, well done

Winterfell 7102, "How can I fix my life?" Stop watching Game of Thrones Get on your bike more Bad advice, good advice Evan T, "Doddy, can I use cable ties "to fix a relationship?" Yes (laughing) Yeah

Boom Gryphon Mason, "How much money "does Doddy spend on hair gel?" He's not here to defend himself He doesn't spend any money on hair gel, but he spends a lot of money on a hair cut every week Does he? Ah, it's crazy Doesn't he go to the hair dresser's every day? Every week

Every week? At least every week It's madness, madness Quickfire Migatron1, "I know Neil has no sense of humour, "but calling Bing Bong an idiot is below the belt" That's just true

Hey That's just true I don't remember calling you an idiot Idiot? I probably did, but You are an idiot Whoa Max Lockwood, "Hi GMBN, what would you suggest "I upgrade first on my hardtail, a dropper post "or one by drive train?" What would you go for? I'd go one by I'd go dropper

I'd go dropper Dropper You can just Seba Rex, "I don't have a question, "but your videos are good" Thank you very much (clapping) Hey, punch the sky "Regards from Chile" Bowen Sevenfourseven, "Where did Neil "get his watch strap from?" Ah is that the one that Blake made? No

Not yet This was two pound off Amazon Two pound, wow, look at that Brendan Ressler, "Would repainting my bike red "make it faster, it's currently black" (pained groaning) Yes

No I would say no, black's faster than red Yeah, I would True I'd say my black's faster

Stealth Well we're gonna answer your question, you're probably asking "What are these hats "doing on our heads?" Well these are the brand-new GMBN hats Woolly ones, for winter Got this nice knitted one, green one, and a grey one And I've just realised, my bobble comes off

Yes It's got lite a toggle on it and you can take the bobble off Detachable bobbles And that's it it's lovely and warm Yeah, and also, Bobble or not

We've got some new jerseys Short-sleeve camos, we've got the green We've got that red one there, short-sleeve Perfect for the winter Although I've got to be honest, I'm glad I got the hat on, 'cause I am freezing

I wish I had the long-sleeve top on But it is very nice and new and they will be available in the shop really soon But not quite yet Quite yet And it's time for correct me if I'm wrong

So send your videos to ask@gmbncom, we'll take a look and try and give you some tips First one comes from James Broadley, he says he loves the videos channel, "Any chance you could correct me if I'm wrong "when learning to whip" Funny you say this First thing I'd say is wrong is he's filming in portrait

– [Blake] He's filming in portrait, yeah – [Martyn] It's not the advice he's after, probably – [Blake] Whoa, okay – [Neil] Slow it down a bit So he's turning the bike a little bit

– [Blake] Yeah, yeah Sort of stays kicked out as well So one of the important things is to try and get the bike back straight Yeah, that's the main one 'cause you don't like to land sideways

You know the major thing that sort of feels wrong when I'm watching it, is that all of the shapes coming from, he's being forced into the jump Whereas he should be getting that shape out of the takeoff Like you should be ending up in that shape because of what you did on the takeoff and then finding the landing and bringing it back in straight at the end So I think you're getting in the feeling of a whip in terms of shape, but you're not actually treating it in the right way Yeah, well, keep your videos coming to us so we can try and correct them, to ask@gmbn

com Give us some questions for next week down below in the comment section and of course you can send us questions to #askgmbn What videos could be throw these guys to in the interim lads? I think you should check out how to corner a fat bike 'cause it's more fun Ah yes What about you Blake, anything good? Well I'm gonna throw to how far can you push a fat bike? Oh really, it's a fat bike week, these guys

You've been playing on that have you? Yes, we have Of course Don't forget to subscribe and we'll see you next week But before you go, gives us thumbs Thumbs-up like

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