Health Insurance in Brazil vs USA

we are trying to do as something which we toxic FX's so much better you sir the old man, I think they will find elder honey Oh, what, guys, good morning and happy? blog, so today I really do not know what we do and here's why super super rainy out the truth really happy, we're trying = Get ready because we will be let it be cold = Friday Friday and Friday we are all the way, please say hello, everyone okay, she is recording the video can not be disturbed oh, yes, let us Friday to move to a new apartment we are very excited about Will definitely log it, but we are now try to do a lot of work before obviously we do this and we also have to I'll get some boxes and stuff and I'm not really know exactly where the slugs go out because, as is a rainy day can not do too much, so we are kind of just going with it and see what grows there, right, guys, then we I told him that kind of take it as it goes today and, of course, he achieved some things to do then we get sodium bicarbonate and wd-40 for various reasons, but beyond we are emptying the use of bank and completed required to pay six months rental value before entering a place because it is how it works here in Israel and this is what they want credit you pay six months in advance only good thing is that I think the money You will be seated, but it is beautiful Clean yes, will tell how savings and Win absolutely no interest to do I upset you tell them and she is I will not look at the camera because it is dress fertilized what is the process – Trotty is that you have to go all the work as we have a contract to sign us You have to read any paper they want four copies as four copies of the contract about ten pages each received a paper print about 40 pages of paper, then we have to sign the papers we have to go to a place where you like to Maurice often here in Brazil are so kind as a core that you go to the door you have to sign and then register your as signature on each page to prove you are the woman I need a favor and having to keep them whole to keep the phone yes and then have to go verify that the Condors and good sharing the apartment and be sure because also it has as where they go to apartment before entering they are going to see throughout the whole apartment they will do as a little Inspector contract and I think we do not have on us is the owner who it is that they have a third Van Bergen company does this I gave up contract to sign because we say stay in this house like this place = For a long time, say we expand it place for two years and we damage the blades they have this agreement every thing there was a apartment and they make some statements It has to be written so that's why they do this country – yes, it's just a language I told you before one of most frustrating things about Bill Italian decisions is this process is obscene okay then simply let the grocery store because we had to catch some things they really came here to one thing chasing the video and sodium bicarbonate was and guess what sodium bicarbonate, then we are now to another store to go just to try for baking soda again hey, guys, so leaving you frustrated such diving and how many stories because you have a consumer three three different stores they stores I have not anywhere any income they usually it has in every single store, but today because I have to do my video Man, you know we can do now God, we are not far from home as well, but we got to Traffic students in the rain and your car comes all right, guys, we finally got back We have baking soda and little Toledo irritable because she has a lot of work to this year sitting in that room right or attempt to open the door me On the other hand, consider doing some work out with the cat I'm probably going to the gym a little later, but I do not know if I'm going to take you to this I just do not bring things from the family top were angry looking pravendo reactor, then you paused, asked you for more if, finally, what do you do? Comerica run because I am so here, we have this thing called Feeny created everything in fact, I know, so is it a sour candy looks like a show me edible specific, so here inside this Spanish life I think it's all sugar I I do not know really know what it is the artist you are doing it who is working all day, take a little interval Actually, I'm still working really you know what I'm publishing a video to this channel at the time that we are, we are only do what we're playing here? for the rest of the night because it is still it raining so much that has done so all day was very upset and = One day a little annoying because a whole thing of rent and after sodium bicarbonate incident that I brought you together with which guys he's watching will men in prison Bridge is not the best part I know that we are like yourself I even know how many later years we are at this so we will go into the question and this I have to give a shout out My Uncle John Hello John thank you for enjoy watching and results = Someone I just say what this girl does mean guy and Ian hi audio ad says how you want to say hi any yet she asked if we drive hi, so I figured we'd give a shout, but this tell you right, then I'll talk about, in fact, how much? more about universal health care in Brazil, so I'll tell you staff a little about us Health care and how it works pains will join us for this explanation thank God and then Toledo will tell you a little little about Brazil and you know we will from there, then, in us Basically every year right now if you are a individual you have to pay is a there is a deductible insurance premium monthly insurance premium for me It runs about $ 350 a month, which is around a thousand a month and Ryo this is for minimum coverage not very good coverage and then if I go to the hospital or go to a doctor I have to pay for a premium basically means that I pay five to six thousand more per year until safe covers my expenses, then it is very brief version of the US Healthcare is yes Brazilian health now John and others It is extremely different and then I am will tell the ringing in health care It is the largest because it is not especially the public as we have free as completely free health care, and based as we have hospitals as hospitals with machines like with all these all equipment for free, but it is super small, so basically, as you would loans to as an x-ray so sure now it is because I do not technically have private health care yet here I am will soon be soon be something happens, it does not until I was, I would be able to go John and all the people that do not do us pay a deductible no deductible ok, not shitballs, so they still use now if you pay for health insurance as I I paid 300 reais feet that is like which is about 100-120 dollars month yes and I go to the doctor at any time I want to I can do any kind of tests as any kind as the one most likely to flex for the simplest and I will not pay for anything I just pay to help there is no deductible everything is is covered everything covered my one thing father, he liked the back surgery It is like really expensive yes about 50,000 no 65 = Deductible, you just pay your insurance premium every yeah right like you are saying how Pregnant women, whether baby well now pregnant in the US I I think they were saying it would cost as 12 miles or so I not remember how they brought down the sure healthy coast are here, you are looking for anything and you have an owl quarter incredible to expand, so I know a lot of people complaining about review health insurance, but if there is be compact rather what I say you brazil Brazil health Secure the fact that I have insurance now and I, you know and do not pay anything technically it's amazing how america does many things well i feel, but health is not one of them okay do not forget to give this video a thumbs to sign it to cancel the subscription ask questions I have to keep asking questions really like you are amazing because there have been many good questions, so enjoy it to keep it going, then, personal, thank you for watching you, you are amazing, I just next ciao

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