Helpful Home Tips: From DIY Paint Jobs to VA Home Loans

[music] Today on Designing Spaces its baby reveal time and tips on how to create that perfect nursery Then blogger mom Jessica explores sent-sational ways to bring freshness into her home

Plus how veterans can finally purchase their dream home It's a problem that most new parents face when they're painting their baby's room now you don't want to hire a professional painter because it's just one room well I'm here to tell you you can paint by yourself if you have the right paint, that's how you create a professional look and a perfect beautiful outcome I'm here to help these expecting parents create the dream nursery of a lifetime ,so let's go and check them out I'm James Cappiello and I'm Justine Cappiello and we moved to this house because we really wanted a neighborhood with lots of children and we knew that we needed more space being that our family was growing We tagged along as our homeowner Justine went to find out the sex of baby number two

For their big gender reveal party Do you have an inkling of what it might be? Not a clue I was so excited and nervous I didn't even want to look at the ultrasound because once we went I was like all right let's let's find out is it boy is it a girl? We just found out that we're having a little baby girl so time to get that room in order Jimmy junior's room is right across the way here

So he'll be right so right across from his sister Very nice So here's our space Wow, it really is a blank slate Have you gotten anything at all for the room? Well I see you have the chair so we have something

You know we need to get moving we only have a few months left When you thought about a girl what was envisioning color-wise? I knew I always wanted like a princess pink I have to admit that I'm not the best with picking out paint colors but I brought somebody I'm gonna bring him in his name is Jeremy PPG's the trusted pen of the pros has been for over a hundred and thirty years You're the expert so I'm going to leave them in your hands

I'm gonna babysit Can I babysit? Yes, please do You guys have some color ideas in mind? I just know I want a light, light, light, light, pink You know nothing that looks like bubblegum, but okay A light blush

Sometimes this is going to be the hardest thing to do is pick the color out sometimes it's the most frustrating takes the most time PPG we have a color visualizer so we can actually put a picture of your room on a tablet or a laptop We went through and we talked to our color team and they gave us a few options of colors that you may like It was just so easy to use and the visualizer made it really simple to pick out the perfect shade of pink that we wanted, was a huge help This looks good You don't want more like a purple color? Purple? No I think a like a blush pink will look really nice

Talk to me about the paint for a nursery what makes timeless a good paint for a nursery? Well the PPG timeless and offers great durability so it can withstand cleaning scrubbing How about crayons crayons it can withstand crayons This product will wash down excellent Did you find a color? Yeah we did we're going to go with this almost pink Are you ready? yYeah okay I'm here for you if you need a little bit of help

One of the most important things that a lot of people kind of tend to overlook is the prep you want to make sure that you have tarps on the ground and have everything plastic off, you want to make sure that you tape off the baseboards so you don't get any unwanted paint on those Also when you don't have a perfectly blank canvas like this there may be holes in the wall that need patched and prepped and sanded down Other than that using the PPG timeless paint it is a paint and primer in one and it's one coat coverage so one coat will get it done which means they come in do one coat they have more time to spend with Jimmy Jr and getting ready for the addition What can I help with? No we're gonna do this we got it

Yeah? Take a little Jimmy to the park Alright You've got a one year old, you've got enough to deal with What a treat Alright guys

[music] It Was was real easy, one coat covered all the walls, it laid real nice really you know I don't do it all the time but it uh it came out good With stain resistant technology this paint is gonna last till college Awesome Hey we did a good job Yeah we did

We've taken that technology that the pros appreciate and put it into a DIY product that you can go to Home Depot, pick up off the shelf you can also get your brushes, your rollers your pans, your tarps everything in one stop shop While the paint was drying we enlisted the help of designer Lindsay Lara to help create a dream nursery For the Cappellos soon to arrive baby girl Oh wow it looks amazing Ok little surprise, we did the whole room for you

We brought in the crib and the changing table we really wanted you guys to have a finished room It looks beautiful I can't believe it I can't get over this shade It's excellent

One coat Amazing I was wondering why my park trip was only so long Do you like the color babe? I love it, this is exactly what I wanted Oh my gosh now we can just prepare for baby number 2 and I can sit back and nest and relax

For more information about making your room more timeless with PPG visit PPG timeless dot-com or visit our website designing spaces dot TV Coming up ways you can create a scent sational home [music] My name is Jessica and I'm a mom of two, I vlog, I also work full-time and managing stress and simplifying my life and just having a sense of overall wellness in my house is really important to me I just took Jesse to school and now I'm gonna clean up, I already cleaned up after Foxy twice and it's just never-ending There's things I do around the house to maintain my sense of calm I've tried to get the kids to join me with yoga, they're not so into it

I have the neighborhood kids come over, we bake cookies, so there's always something going on here Laundry time but at least I've got my buddy to hang out with me After a day in kindergarten my oldest son is more petri dish than he is person so Jesse's room is a typical mess It's about 8:30 in the morning and I'm on my fifth tour of the day so here we go let's clean it up I'm constantly wiping noses, wiping the surfaces down just to keep everything clean but there's only so much you can do

So you throw in a little bundle of fluff like Foxy and the fur, the pet hair, the stink, it just can get a little overwhelming Look at all of that fur See that I'm always looking for ways to simplify my life and just to improve the overall wellness of my house so when I was cruising through Instagram this week I noticed that HoMedics had a lot of great solutions so I reached out to Nate over at HoMedics and he said he would swing by later this week and show me some of the products that he thinks would actually improve the wellness and maybe overall smellness of my home Hey Nate! Hey Jessica what's going on? It's so nice to finally meet you in person I feel like we know each other already

Great to see you and meet you as well I love Jessica's Instagram, she presented some issues on her Instagram page regarding like allergies for her son Jessie, her baby Lola not sleeping great, and I thought this is the perfect time to introduce our products to someone who could definitely use them So I know you follow my Instagram page Love it And you saw that I have a couple of issues around the house and I feel like you brought everything that would solve my problems

We've got something for everything Let me show you the first area this is where my dog Foxy hangs out and my son's Jesse is six and he has tons of allergies Nate suggested that I get an air purifier for that area and so once he pulled it out of the box I saw it first of all I love the design because it totally matches my house but it also turns and it cleans the air and leaving it on just for a little bit I already noticed a difference Should I show you Jesse's room? Of course So it's a mess but you know he's six

So Jesse was having some issues with his allergies as we mentioned it humidifiers are perfect for that So we have a humidifier that's perfect for this space mm-hmm you can keep it on a surface you can put it on the floor it's entirely up to you and you can choose, you can select just how much mist you want if he's feeling extremely dry or the allergies are really bad crank it all the way up to four I love it So it's super easy to refill Uh-huh

Pop this bottom part off Okay Fill it up It's got a nice sturdy handle on there Mm-hmm

Drop it right back in as soon as it makes contact this little red marks is gonna fill up and the mist is gonna be coming out immediately That's awesome The great thing about putting the cool mist humidifier in Jesse's room is that it has a built-in nightlight So if he's afraid of the dark just pop that little bad-boy on and he's fine So now I'm taking Nate into Lola's room and in the nursery I've done everything to make it calm, serene, from the colors from the little nightlight, the heart nightlight that I have in there

Nate suggested the my baby deep sleep sound spa and I actually did use it for the past few nights because he sent it to me ahead of time and I've really noticed a big difference in the way that Lola not only falls asleep but stays asleep Lola's been sleeping through the night, falling asleep quickly and nothing's waking her up Fantastic I know You can crank up the volume if she, if there's noise around the house, you can mask that

There always is, yeah To help Lola fall asleep So I guess you could say it works like dream Nice This is the laundry room

Okay And you might want to hold your breath because there's a whole lot of stinky shoes right there Jessica's laundry room is no different than anybody else's, you've got shoes that are sort of stinking up the place, you've got dirty laundry, you've got a number of different sources of bad smells and the breathe takes care of all of them Perfect use case, you've got odors coming from multiple sources Yes we do

And this thing is super easy to use, did you bring some water? I did, I brought my fancy carafe So I'll pour it in and just like Goldilocks I'll be somewhere in the middle right? Okay perfect So now we're gonna add 5 to 7 milliliters of the air revitalizer, we have lemon today, just drop it right in, pop the top back on there All right Oh that's so cool and it already smells so much cleaner in here

Smells amazing, it's taking the stinky air from the shoes, right what stinky shoes? Laundry pushing it in, washing it, sending out lemons BAM I love it Jessica's gonna walk away from this having a house that smells amazing, Foxy's gonna be happy, Jessica be happy, Lola's gonna be happy the whole family is gonna be better off Jesse's been sleeping so well ever since we got this HoMedics humidifier in his room, isn't that right Jesse? Yes No more coughing, no more staying up at night right? Yeah he really likes it, and his favorite part is the blue light right? Yeah

Hey beautiful guys and girls it's time for bed time for bed, say nighty-night Nighty-night! [Music] [Music] Today we're talking about what it means to make it home For a veteran it means a lot We wish for every American service member to stay safe out there and make it home Godspeed, and when you do we hope you take advantage of the home loan benefits you've earned, these veterans are making it home with a home of their own, and one of the best things about home ownership is that it's yours

After serving and protecting the country it's only right to be able to enjoy the freedom you protected in the safety and security of your own home When you work with veterans first mortgage you can expect a higher level of service, personal attention and communication Their track record proves that they have the expertise to help veterans throughout the home buying journey, whether buying their first home or refinancing I think that providing personal attention to the borrower is really kind of an extension of who the loan officers are and in building respect part of our culture is build respect with the borrower making that personal connection with the borrower from the beginning is what kind of separates us from our competition Really caring about their experience the entire way

At veterans first mortgage it's just different there you feel the personal attention and you can tell how these veterans feel about their loan officers I named my new home at 136 Roadster, I named it Celeste I named it Celeste because if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here He was always there to answer my question, you know I would email him at 10:30 because I have anxiety about something, next morning 8:00 am

I have an email You know he answered every one of my questions he was clear concise he just he alleviated all of my concerns We can routinely close loans in less than a month if the buyer is is willing to take that extra effort and take those extra steps to get into their home At veteran's first mortgage they've seen it all and decades of experience and knowledge are key to getting veterans approved, sometimes a veteran needs a partner who's willing to listen and dig deeper to offer real assistance A little extra attention can go a long way

He became a member of our family we have not to this day seen a picture have been talked to him and we emailed him in so he just became the friend who was helping us through this process Every veteran has a unique story that's unique to them that's one of the things that I do love about my job is being able to listen to their story and get to know them on a personal level and finding out what what has motivated them and what has kept them going Being able to work with somebody that you know have your best interests at heart and even though I never met him, never seen him, I could tell over the phone that he was concerned about me as an individual Being a surviving spouse you know her husband is the one that that earned the benefit she wasn't the one that served in the military knowing what she's overcome and you know just having the opportunity to help her become a homeowner was definitely very satisfying The public don't realize when you go into war a lot of things happen to you and your body it's a price forever, nothing's free

With his specially adapted housing grant he was granted so much money to redo his bathroom to make it accessible for him This guy spoiled me with communication like I was taught was on the phone with AJ two or three times a week Being able to help veterans get into a home they call a place their own permanently after everything that they've been through it means the world to me As a veteran the home loan benefit is something that you've earned and they're there to help you make the most of it [music] Tor more information on anything you've seen on today's show or to learn how you can be a part of the show go to our website designing spaces dot TV

You can go to these websites to learn more about the participants on this edition of Designing Spaces Making a space you can call home, living the lifestyle you desire It's what we're all about We're Designing Spaces [Music]

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