Hospital Insurance Health Care Scam Runaround Doctors Do Not Accept Part 1 September 14, 2017

thank you for calling duvasawko (St Joseph Candler) emergency department billing and management solution calls may be recorded for Quality Assurance normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am

to 4 pm we are closed on weekends and holidays to speak with an operator you may press 0 at any time during this message or remain line transfering call Georgia emergency associates (St Joseph Candler ) hi Samantha I was calling back because um okay we we've gotten this notice from Americollect about this bill and it's rather confusing here because I spoke with Laurel P twice about it and she said to disregard the bill and so you guys were supposed to send it to our insurance and so then we never heard anything else and now we just get this notice that's from this collection agency or something and so I'm trying to figure out what's going on because I have two notes here I spoke with Laurel on January 5th and May 2nd and both times she said to disregard the bill because they had the insurance wrong let me pull up the account I'll be able to follow along with yes the invoice ID is 1 3 5 X 6 5 8 7 376 Levi's Richardson okay I have the account pulled up and I'm showing one date of service for visit seen on the 5th of January yes let me pull up the notes i do show where it has cycled to collection americollect in august reviewing the notes on the account the information that we received from hospital for insurance was for a policy with ambetter but I'm showing in the notes that on the back of the card the insurance card that it stated I have no idea our insurance is and better that's what we're paying a lot of money and and so I think that you guys process claims to both peach care and and better because one time they said they needed an address and they tried processing it at peach care and but then they said well we need to know if it's peach care or am better so this pardon oh and so then the second time I talked to them and they sent it to am better ie number that the hospital provided for am better when we originally submitted it to them they were unable to I see that member because the ID numbers at the hospital provided was a few digits short it looks like so we obtained that correct information and it was billed out to the correct policy with ambetter and may okay okay so I am dealing the explanations of benefits we received went there denial and it shows that they denied speeding members not eligible for that deed of service won't know if there was any change in policy or lapse and coverage of any kind during that time no no have you contacted and better yet in regards to the Queen no they would be able to reprocess it for you because that's what I would suggest doing at this point because they've already sent us a denial so they'll need to actually internally reprocess it as a new claim if it does show if it was an error on their part with the denial and they'll have to read the minute through their system to process as a new claim so they can get it paid for you you want to know what well he was wanting to know what what what it was for what were all the services that were performed because I'll not work that way it was some pain prescription for pain medications and yeah he's saying all he got was some pain medication we were there for 10 hours over 10 hours and all he got was a prescription for some pain medication so so he wants to know what all the services were for because that's a lot 689 dollars is a lot of money for a prescription for pain medication no no no we haven't done that can I ask your name again real quick Samantha that's right okay thank you no we haven't done that it just gives a breakdown of all the factors that go into determining the charged amount for the business appreciation compare that with your medical records as to why it's the six hundred and eighty nine dollars okay so we like that please send that to us okay the address that I have to send information to is the 106 arch would dry yes no Savannah it would be Savannah Georgia oh I apologize yep Savannah Georgia three one four zero seven yes okay so I'll put that in today's mail when you do receive that you'll contact the facility to obtain a copy of the medical records and that will show all the activity rendered on that visit to compare with the factors listed on our our disease okay all right well thank you very much Samantha you've been very helpful thank you – bye

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