How Long Do You Have To Make An Insurance Claim

Hey everyone this is your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez from the law firm of Marin Eljaiek Lopez and Martinez and today I'm going to talk to you about how long do you have to make an insurance claim and this is a question I get from clients all the time and it's really important that you understand how long you have to make an insurance claim because there are a lot of issues and facts that come into play when you're dealing with how long you have to make an insurance claim so let's start with what Florida law says Florida Statute 9511 specifically says that you have five years from the date of your loss to make your claim to your insurance company so what does that mean that means the date that the incident happens which gives rise to the insurance claim you have five years from that date to submit the claim to the insurance company under Florida law to make sure that you preserve the statute of limitations but that being said that's not the full answer because your insurance policy typically provides that you have a duty an obligation to immediately or promptly report your claim to your insurance company so you're dealing with Florida Statute and you're dealing with your insurance policy so that gets tricky so my advice to my clients is as soon as they know they have a claim or may have a claim is to call their insurance company immediately and give prompt notice that preserves the statute of limitations so that from the date that they've given their insurance company notice of the claim they have five years from the date of the loss to file a lawsuit against the insurance company this is a question that comes up all the time when I'm talking to new clients or I meet people on the street that want to talk to me about insurance claims because no one really knows the answer prompt notice is not a defined term in your policy and that's why it gives rise to a lot of confusion so at the end of the day my advice is whenever you think you have a claim or you see that you have a claim to immediately call your insurance company and then seek out adequate representation whether that's calling my law firm or another lawyer or public adjuster so that you're adequately represented from the beginning to the end again this is something that comes up all the time and I impose upon my client to please call the insurance company immediately if you think this video was informative or you liked what you heard please feel free to comment below share this with friends and feel free to like us and if you have any questions comment below and I may address the question that you have on my next video segment thank you this is Anthony Lopez Your Insurance Attorney

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