how many after credit scenes in thor ragnarok ] ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is Hela Good

Ragnarok, an incontrovertibly bitchin' word that refers in Norse myth to the final, winner-take-all smackdown between good and evil, is an awfully heavy subtitle for a movie as affably insubstantial as The Mighty Thor's mighty third Catching us up on what your friendly neighborhood Thunder-God (and your friendly neighborhood Incredible Hulk) were doing while they were absent from last year's Captain America: Civil War As directed by the ingratiating Kiwi comedian Taika Waititi — he of the hilarious 2014 vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows Hemsworth's comic mojo is no joke, especially for a guy whose very name was a punchline not too long ago He's performing at their level Hems is worthy It's no fault of his that I project at least a 40 percent likelihood that four months will now I will have to Google this review before I will be able to answer with any certainty whether I saw Thor: Ragnarok Thy Thor-iad has always been the Crystal Skull Kingdom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Still, one cannot help but be pleased to see that Waititi has thrived within the Marvel factory that proved too confining for Baby Driver driver Edgar Wright (who was tapped to make Ant-Man but differed with his bosses creatively) and Wonder Woman Chief Amazon Patty Jenkins (who was hired to make the prior Thor but left Whatever the reason, the movie is colorful and casual and hunky dory, in the David Bowie-est possible sense What it lacks in urgency — which is a lot, given that the story involves an extinction-level threat to Asgard and All Who Therein Dwell — it makes up for in alacrity She's so fearsome she shreds Thor's hammer like it was a disintegrating unbagged copy of Journey into Mystery No 83 (Aug 1962) Fortunately, Thor is quickly godnapped away by hard-drinking bounty hunter Tessa Thompson to the trash-planet of Sakaar, a Crayola-set-dressed spin on the Mos Eisley Cantina Here Goldblum's Grandmaster is ruler of all he surveys, keeping the bloodlust of the hoi polloi sated through gladitorial contests Devo principal Mark Mothersbaugh brought out his analog synthesizers to make this thing even more of a prog/Heavy Metal (magazine) throwback than it already was visually Ragnarok is also notable for an unusually high number of bloodless impalings It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye Actually, one key character does lose an eye and the fun and games barely pause for a moment At least he'll be able save a few doubloons (or whatever currency they use in Asgard) by opting for the 2D version of the upcoming two-part finale Avengers: Infinity War Thor really just wants to snap his aggro verde pal the Hulk back into his nebbishy scientist pal Bruce Banner and get each of them back to their respective homes, but they're probably going to end up liberating the Sakaarian people on their way off-world because, as Thor frequently has occasion to observe, "That's what heroes do

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