How To Buy a Home Using Rocket Mortgage | Quicken Loans

Welcome to Rocket Mortgage by QuickenLoans, the world's first completely online way to purchase a home Now, before we get into the details of how Rocket Mortgage works, let's talk about the two big questions all home buyers ask themselves: How much house can I afford, and how much will my monthly payment be? You can get some estimates, but they're not always accurate because they're built on a lot of assumptions

Rocket Mortgage is different It gives you a real, accurate and personalized mortgage solution based on your unique financial situation In other words, you get a lot more than just an estimate or teaser rate And with Rocket Mortgage, there are no heavy fees or hassles You can confidently know how much you can afford and what your payment will be without jumping through hoops

Here's how: You start your Rocket Mortgage process simply by creating an account Just pop in your name, email, username and password, and you're on your way Next, you'll answer a few simple questions about your personal situation, like where you live now, and the amount of your current monthly rent or mortgage payment Here's another way Rocket Mortgage simplifies your mortgage process: Instead of you having to track down your bank statements and manually enter the info, Rocket Mortgage does it for you It integrates with your bank digitally, so there's no paperwork

This fast, easy process saves you time and gives you a more accurate mortgage solution Plus, by verifying your info now, you can speed up the rest of the mortgage process With a complete picture of both your income and assets, Rocket Mortgage gives you an accurate solution based on your unique financial situation Next, you'll answer a few questions from Uncle Sam Here's why this step is necessary: Rocket Mortgage conforms to all industry guidelines, which means you get the confidence that comes with a real mortgage solution, not just a teaser rate or an estimate like you get from a mortgage calculator

Okay, now we're getting to the homestretch The next thing Rocket does is securely review your credit to make sure you're qualified, and then – ♪ [drum beat music] ♪ <i>3, 2, 1</i> – you've got an intelligent, accurate mortgage solution that's customized specifically for you Oh, and if everything isn't exactly the way you want it, you can adjust your down payment or change your term to find the solution that works best Now, all you have to do is download your custom online approval letter to start shopping for your new home Or you can put in an offer on a home you've already found

One last thing: If you ever get stuck or have a question, you can always chat online with a Home Loan Expert who is specially trained to guide you through the entire Rocket Mortgage process with ease That's it All that's left is to push button, get mortgage

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