How To Dispute and Remove Bankruptcy From My Credit Report Now | Credit Repair Programs That Work

How To Dispute and Remove Bankruptcies From My Credit Report | Credit Repair Programs That Work hey how you doing this is more of her the value they're back again with process 609 credit repair program and we're going to talk about those bankruptcies right you have these bankruptcies on your critical well not everybody but there's a bank receipt out there in the credit report and think they can't do anything about getting that paper see off their critical well you know what there is a way to get it off it's a process all right let me take any show you something like a bankruptcy because it is åkesson actual legal document had to go to the court you had judges signing it you had turning signing it so it's a it's a Schlegel dog you had to sign some stuff so it's a legal procedure okay but it is a that you can get remove but it is a process or right now inside the process six or nine credit repair program there is we have a document on how this process works all right so I'm going to give you the bid right here first you got to do is dispute everything everything inside the bankruptcy all of the accounts and size of damage so you need to dispute those off of your credit report okay now how do you do that well we have letters we have dispute letters inside the program that you can use to dispute those off all right so it's a process that's step number one because of the vendors see a lot of things are attached to an address and most times that address is not the same with those with those with those accounts and so what are going to be doing is checking against the address since no need to verify all right because the council closed that's the address those can be deleted off all right the second step is to now just use the actual bankruptcy itself but this is something that you must do all right um your your bankruptcy information is like stored in this this place like this magical legacy places and so what you're going to do is request that information right now when you request it is going to go from the storage to the court all right then you send it it's punitive for the bankruptcy itself because is going to happen is the critical agencies are going to call the stores places say hey in subsequent information they're right and they're going to say no it's not there so what you need to do is that when it goes from stores to the court and the court calls you you need to stall stall stall stall for 30 days say I'm at work I'm trying I can't get there blah blah blah you need to stall for at least 30 days because the credit rating agencies have 30 days to do an investigation and they're going to be called to the storage place wherever you're wherever the stores place is you're going to learn more about it which once you get to one of the programs with when you get the premium program that has the bankruptcy dispute information in it okay so you're going to get that information and learn how this all goes I'm just kind of paraphrasing here right so the credit rating agencies are going to be calling the storage area like where is this stuff and they're going to be like no it's not here and it's going to end but it's going to be at the court but you need to stall like I can't get there stall for these 30 days all right until that information can fall off now How To Dispute and Remove Bankruptcies From My Credit Report | Credit Repair Programs That Work if you go through this process and you get your updated credit report back and it has not fallen off you want to repeat the process okay yes you can do this you can repeat the process the goal is it keeps the information from the storage area in the court and if they send it back say it again I do apologize rival make sure that you go to the process again if those accounts that you were disputing inside the bankruptcy or still on the credit for since in two seconds in the second round the letters arrive in the second run dispute letters just do those items inside the bankruptcy and then start that they received disputing and renewal process all over again all right so it is the process but it can be done okay so let the boiler with process special not credit repair program I write with the muscle you have to work a little bit all right on this side too okay and make sure you get the program that has the bankruptcy information in it so that you can get those bankers super-move off your credit for get that credit score up right so that's we're here for monitor the value NER and we will see you in the land of better crack peace hey how you doing this is mulling her devalue narrative process 609 credit repair program if you want to see more videos just like this make sure you subscribe to our channel button somewhere here on this page also make sure you click on the link to get access to our process 609 credit repair program so we can help you get your credit better model her the value there and we'll see you on the inside How To Dispute and Remove Bankruptcies From My Credit Report | Credit Repair Programs That Work

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