How to File the 61A Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Online

Filing the 61A certificate of workers' compensation insurance form online is convenient and easy Before you get started, make sure you have these items on hand to reference

The name of the business owner or contractor For a corporation or LLC, this may be an authorized representative such as the President or Manager You will also need a federal or tax identification number for the business; and if your business is insured for workers' compensation, you will also need the complete and accurate insurance coverage information, including the five-digit insurance carrier NCCI code, full policy number and policy period This information can be located on the declaration / information page of the policy Here is an example

Keep in mind- you only have to complete the online filing process once and submit copies of the certificate to each separate locality where applying for a business license Additionally, acceptance of paper forms is up to the individual locality Contact the Commissioner of Revenue office in the locality you are applying for specific details Now let's look at how to file the 61A application online For security purposes, use the most recent version of your web browser – meaning Internet Explorer or Google Chrome

Go to the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission's website: wwwworkcompvirginiagov and click Employers Then click here to begin filing the 61A online

Additional guidance can be found here After selecting I'm not a robot, you may be required to complete additional selections for security purposes In this example, it asks you to select all images that contain mountains Click continue Enter the business owner or contractors name

If a contractor license is under a corporation or LLC, enter the name of an authorized representative, such as a President, Vice President, or manager of the business Continue through the other fields Remember- phone numbers should not include dashes Click next If the business is a corporation, enter the total number of executive officers

This should not include any board members or directors For an LLC, enter the total number of LLC members that are paid If selecting a partnership, input the total number of partners Continue through the other fields Here is where you need that federal or tax ID number you located in advance

Enter it without spaces or special characters and then click next If your business is not currently insured for workers' compensation, click no and answer the other questions If your business is insured, click yes and choose how you obtained workers' compensation insurance If selecting 'Through an insurance carrier licensed in Virginia', enter the five-digit NCCI carrier code Remember- it is typically located on the declaration / information page of the policy

Be sure to select the carrier corresponding to the code you entered to validate coverage Then proceed with entering your policy number and policy dates If selecting 'Became a member of a group self-insurance association', you will then select your GSIA from the drop-down option shown here, and continue through the other fields If selecting 'Became a client of a professional employer organization registered in Virginia', enter the PEO name and carrier code You may need to contact the PEO for policy number information, if insured through a PEO master policy

Continue through the other fields and click next Lastly, if selecting 'Was issued a certificate of authorization to be self-insured by the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission', enter the self-insured certificate number and effective date of the certificate and click next Read and accept the information here and type in a digital signature The signature must match the contractor name you listed on the application Once you click Submit, you are not finished

You must download the certificate Save the certificate file for your records This certificate cannot be replaced To find the downloaded file, go to your PC folders, select your downloads folder and you will see the PDF Open the document, click 'File', 'Save As', and save it to your computer – somewhere you can easily locate when needed

Keep in mind- the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission will not send this certificate for you You must officially submit the application Print the certificate and provide it to the Commissioner of Revenue office when applying for your business license For questions, here are ways to contact the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission's Insurance Department:

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