How to get a Mortgage in Ireland

Hello Mr Dowling my apologies for keeping you waiting my last appointment went over

That's no problem at all these things do happen especially when you're giving good news The last couple that were in here, I got them mortgage approval I think there'll be a few glasses of champagne tonight Well I hope we'll be celebrating too tonight

We'll see Okay so your online registration here, I can see that you're looking to move in with your partner Yeah my girlfriend and I, we're taking the plunge and we just wanna get the ball rolling on the mortgage approval Brilliant that's so nice isn't it What are your occupations? Well I'm a freelance filmmaker and and then my girlfriend is a musician

So neither of you work in finance? No Why? Why you don't I? I mean I suppose of filmmaking it's always been somewhat of a passion That's so nice to hear

Did you happen to go to college at all? Maybe get a degree in something useful, like accountancy Well yes I did I did four years in Dun Laoghaire in Creative Arts I do make a living at it I'm sure you do

Let's have a look at your accounts shall we? Okay I can see there's quite a few expenses Rent, of course, food shopping Do you go to Lidl or Aldi? Aldi but I Maybe try Deals from now on

More up your alley Okay red flag here I'm afraid, I do see that you have a expense in a pub Just a quick tip you know when you're buying in Dublin try not to have a life coz it gets in the way Alright good thing though silver lining is that you seem to drink in old man pubs Cheaper Stay away from anything that Lovin Dublin recommends okay, it's a outside of you

I imagine all of these cash withdrawals are for drugs? What? Stick to your weed, maybe even mushrooms, but leave the cocaine okay They are for the high earners you know your accountants or anyone in the IFSC I don't do drugs Too expensive, I understood Let's get down to the nitty-gritty shall we

How much have you actually save for your deposit? 20,000 Sorry what is that noise you keep making with your mouth? Well Connor your financial status it's what we in the banking world callYour job is

Your pay is and the type of houses you're looking to buy are and quite frankly doesn't exist in Ireland

In fact Leo Varadkar would consider you a a So you're saying I'm basically muck in the bank's eyes, I'll never afford a place to live in Ireland? Let's just say Connor from the moment we've been having this conversation housing prices in Ireland have gone up €10 a minute

Silver lining though okay maybe we could look for something for you like a like a house in Roscommon or a bin in Finglas Roscommon? No that's no that's absolutely ridiculous I've lived in Dublin my whole life and you tell me I can't get a house here because I'm not an accountant We can't all be accountants and you act as if you don't watch films, that you don't need artists well I'll tell you we need artists Okay we need artists to contribute to culture and to hold up a mirror to society and I feel like I'm being penalized for following my dreams but in reality I'm working hard I'm doing something I love

I'm paying my taxes I'm contributing to society all I want to do is settle down in Dublin, start a nice life for myself Is that too much to ask? So what are we talking for this bin in Finglas?

Source: Youtube

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