How to Get Credits Fast by Using THIS Star Wars Battlefront 2 Exploit for Credit Farming

what's up its daily and dad aka boo man and welcome to dilly and dad gaming and today we're gonna be teaching you how to farm 500 credits and Star Wars Battlefront 2 really really fast so stay tuned alright so the first thing you're gonna want to do is go to solo arcade go ahead and pick on slot because what we're gonna do is we're gonna set up an arcade mode really really easy now just take a look at our settings alright most everything doesn't matter too much you can set the time to 3 seconds if you like cuz we're gonna show you what how we're doing this the main thing ok is to set play as to default and then set last stand to on this means that as soon as you die the game is over and that's where this little exploit comes in so all you have to do is pick any class pick a salt you know you get a grenade and as you can see here all we do is we throw this grenade at the ground blow ourselves up and as soon as the round is over you get a hundred credits now you can do this upwards of five times each day so you'll get 500 credits after that game cut you off it says no more now a lot of people have been saying that you can only get 500 credits per day in arcade and that's absolutely not true you only stop getting credits for beating the mission or ending the mission so we have tested this out multiple times so after you max this out you can still go to other challenges in arcade mode and get your credits so we made a bunch of credits today plus an additional 500 so every day just go ahead and hop in do this little trick your 500 credits and in no time you'll have all your favorite heroes so that's it for today's kind of quick little tip of the day and if there's anything else you want to hear from us like let us know down in the comments but I hope this helps you out there's a fun little exploit and it'll help you get some of those credits instead of doing all the other rigorous farming that you've been don't forget to like this video and please subscribe and if you do subscribe don't forget to hit the notification bell thanks for watching everybody we'll see you next time

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