How To NOT Get Screwed By Health Insurance (WBW Ep.16)

– In this video, I'm gonna share with you my top tips on how to not get screwed over by your health insurance company How's it going, guys? This is Chris, back with another episode of Working Body Wednesdays

Working Body Wednesdays is where we talk about posture, functional movement, and hardening your body so it's better able to handle the demands of daily life If that sounds like something that's interesting to you, be sure to subscribe and hit the little bell so you never miss another video again Now, obviously this topic is a little on the fringe of what I would call a Working Body Wednesday episode, but I do think it relates to hardening your body because we do need to have good healthcare and we do need to get the care that we need out of the medical system As a physical therapist, it's a blessing and a curse 'cause I work with health insurance companies every day And the things I'm about to tell you are some of the mistakes and things I've learned from and how you can save thousands of dollars just by doing about 20 to 30 minutes of research on your own

The first thing to understand about a health insurance company is they are a business They are not there to help you, they are there to make money And I think by establishing that, then we can see everything that we do as a business transaction and we can go forward from there Understanding your coverage, both in-network and out-of-network, is what tends to screw people, where they end up with massive bills that lead them to bankruptcy Let's take an example of a client

Let's just say his name's Joe, I've changed his name for obvious reasons Joe was in a skiing accident where he was transferred to an emergency room He was away from his hometown Now, because of this, he was considered out-of-network because of his insurance plan When Joe was stabilized at the hospital, he was supposed to be transferred to another hospital that would be considered in-network, and this is how messy it gets sometimes, guys

These are things that are hard to consider if you've been in a serious accident or you haven't been in a situation where that's possible But because this did not happen that a transfer did not happen, Joe remained at this facility Joe ended up with a $20,000 hospital bill because he had almost no out-of-network coverage with his policy So, it sounds like a terrifying scenario, but it can be avoided in a lot of cases Having a benefits summary whenever you sign up for a new policy is critical, and spend that 10 to 20 minutes and look at each part of that on what's gonna be covered, what are the services you're likely going to use that are both in-network, are you gonna utilize out-of-network physicians? If you are, you need to understand what your responsibilities are and how much you'll be reimbursed for it and what you need to do to get that reimbursement

Here's another example of exactly what I mean About four years ago, we thought my wife was battling Lyme disease, so we needed some extensive lab tests, we needed some extensive blood work We knew, based on our research and experience, that having a script from our primary care physician made a big difference in this particular policy We went ahead and had the blood work and we submitted it with a script from the primary care physician If we had not had this script for this blood work and we just had a script from any other physician, we would have incurred a charge of over $1,200

But it was about 90% covered because of this script So, I think the golden rule is to always understand, if you're going to utilize out-of-network services, make sure you understand what steps need to be taken in order to get coverage for those Do you need a script? Do you need a specific diagnosis code for something to be covered? Sometimes that's the case as well with a particular policy Also, if you're going to utilize out-of-network services, sometimes you have to submit claims yourself And it doesn't take long, you just need to find a medical claims benefit form, fill that out, make sure you have all the necessary information on there so you don't delay the claim any further

We've saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars by submitting claims and making sure that we have all our ducks in a row, like I talked about, having a script, very important Lastly, if you do end up needing to speak with a representative at a healthcare insurance company, try to be as respectful as possible I know this is difficult You may be in a lotta pain or experiencing some health issues at that time, so it's hard to be patient, but be persistent and often your persistence will pay off What sorts of things have you learned from dealing with insurance companies? Have you found ways to increase your coverage? What have you done to save money when you have healthcare insurance coverage? Tell us your story in the comments section below

This has been another episode of Working Body Wednesdays If you enjoy this video, be sure to subscribe and hit the little bell so you never miss another video again Like and share to your friends if you think that they would benefit from this video I try to post every Wednesday at 5pm Eastern Time, so be sure to check back next Wednesday I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday

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